Where Are The Dorms In Royale High Campus 3?

If you're unable to find the Dorms in Royale High Campus 3, then we'll help you reach it.

You’re not alone, many players out there are trying to find the Dorms in the Roblox Royale High Campus 3. As there are tons of decor options available, the fans are pretty eager to customize their personal space. After all, that’ll be the only place where they can get away from the lectures & homework. Furthermore, you can also live with a friend and make high school memories. And if you’re also looking forward to personalizing your dorm, then let’s see where you can find it in the new update.

Where to Find Dorms in Roblox Royale High Campus 3?

 Where to Find Dorms in Roblox Royale Hight Campus 3 location where is dorm located

Currently, it seems the dorms are not yet released for the players to access in Roblox Royale High Campus 3. As the new features are getting released in Phases, it is speculated that your Dorms will be introduced in the upcoming update. And when it does, you’ll first have to meet Poppy at the Royale High Enrollment Desk in Front Office. She’ll give you the Dorm key if you ask her to. According to some assumptions, the Dorms will most likely be located on the first floor of the New School castle. So simply keep exploring the premises, until you find your room.

The best thing about your Dorm room is that you can customize its appearance according to your preferences. But do note the decor items will not come for free and cost you tons of in-game diamonds. So make sure you keep your Card loaded to make purchases whenever you want. For your convenience, we will keep updating this article if any new information regarding the Dorm location comes to light. Till then, simply bookmark this page by pressing CTRL+D to avoid missing any updates.

That is all you need to know about where are the Dorms located in Roblox Royale High Campus 3. If you came across the brick wall puzzle but are unable to open it, then check out the Wall Code combinations list. Also, take a look at how to unlock all Elements in Royale High Campus 3 easily.

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