Bioshock 2 Door Codes List | All Door Codes And Their Rewards

This guide will help you with all the door codes in Bioshock 2.

Bioshock 2 is a survival game where you need to explore a lot. And while you are exploring you might come across some doors. These doors are locked but behind them are very useful rewards or the means for you to progress in the game. Whether you are looking to get your hands on some extra loot or just trying to complete the game, you need to get past these doors. So in this guide let us take a look at all the door codes in Bioshock 2 and the rewards you get when unlocking them.

All Door Codes For Bioshock 2

bioshock 2 door codes list

Here I have given the doors, codes, their locations, and the rewards you get.

  • Adonis Luxury Resort: Plasmid Therapy
    • 1540
    • Sauna Room Door
    • Drill Fuel, Money, and Audio Diary
  • Pauper’s Drop: Fontaine Clinics
    • 0047
    • Fishbowl Diner Newspaper
    • Progress in Story
  • Siren Alley: Plaza Hedone
    • 1919
    • The Date Is The Code (Audio Diary)
    • Progress in Story
  • Dionysus Park: Basement Storage
    • 1080
    • A Gift From Billy (Audio Diary)
    • Power to the People Station
  • Fontaine Futuristics: Plasmid Theater
    • 5254
    • Plasmid Showroom Wall
    • Ammo, Money, Bandages, and Careful Hacker 2 Tonic
  • Inner Persephone: Holding Wing
    • 2673
    • First Two Digits (Audio Diary)
    • Progress in Story
  • Inner Persephone: Therapy Wing
    • 4146
    • Legs, Mouths, Arms (Audio Diary)
    • EVE Hypo, First Aid Kit, Money, and Ammo
  • Operations: Programming
    • 2341
    • The Books are the Code (Audio Diary)
    • Shells, Mini-Turrets, Master Input Console, and Money

To use the four-digit lock all you have to do is walk towards it and press the A-Button for Xbox and X-Button for PlayStation. Enter the Code. Confirm it by pressing the A or X-Button to unlock the door.

If you follow the above instructions correctly and enter the codes right you should open these doors in no time.

That sums up this door codes list for Bioshock 2. If you liked this guide be sure to check out Gamer Tweak for more things gaming