System Shock Remake Door Codes At Medical Deck

To unlock the doors at Medical Deck, you need to enter a 3-digit code in System Shock Remake. So, check out this guide to know that code and get access to other areas.

Obstructed by a manually locked door in the Medical Deck? To open that door in System Shock Remake, you need to enter a 3-digit code. The only struggle is that the door code is nowhere to be found. This reminds me of the original game, where our character was required to use such passcodes to unlock the door. By far, mostly no one is sure about that 3-digit code. So, here are the codes that you can use to unlock the doors at the Medical Deck.

Medical Deck Door Code in System Shock Remake

Within the first 5 minutes of the game, you will come across this locked door inside the Healing Suite area. To unlock that door in the Medical Deck, you must enter the 3-digit code 451 in System Shock Remake. Behind such doors, you will often find a Zombie or a Serv-Bot that you can easily defeat.

System Shock Remake Door Codes

Apart from this, you will find another locked door in the Gamma Quadrant area. To unlock this one, simply enter the code 705. After entering the code, you will get access to the Mod-Kit Station & Ammo Depot in System Shock Remake. You can refill the ammo of your Minipistol there for further fights.

Besides using this easy way, you can also take a long way and find Althea Grossman’s audio logs. In her audio log, there are clear mentions of these door codes. Also, know that using the codes directly won’t impact the storyline. Moreover, there are no precious rewards that you will be missing out on. So, you can use the System Shock Remake door codes that we have mentioned above without any hesitation.

The code 451 here, was also used in the previous two System Shock games too. However, it used to begin with a zero which made it a 4-digit code (0451).

Now that you know the door codes in System Shock Remake, you can easily progress further. Did you know that this game can be played on Steam Deck? If you want to know how then make sure to check out our guide on How to Play System Shock Remake On Steam Deck.