New Demon Will Hack Into Other Players Game If Not Killed

You can't have mercy

If you think you are done with Doom Eternal, slaying up the demons and hosting your flag of victory then there is more to come.

Recently Bethesda reveals vital info about the Update 1 that will be rolled out soon. This update features a unique addon of a Demon that can haunt other players if you failed to kill it. Through official Blog, Bethesda confirmed working on new features, fixes, and enhancement for Doom Eternal.

Empowered Demons are coming in Doom Eternal, if you think you are the best demon slayer, you are yet to witness the latest challenge. Empowered Demon is different then what you are facing in the game. If a player fails to kill the demon, it will be transported to another player’s game.

The second player will be facing a stronger demon compared to what the first player dealt with and died. Empowered demons also bring a ton of rewards you cannot ignore. They will drop a lot of health and ammo along with Bonus XP that unlocks in-game events.

This is a unique addon in Doom Eternal, the update also brings enhancements for Battlemode, lots of fixes, and a feature to add a friend via A list of major changes is revealed, the update will be rolled out soon.