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Doom Eternal: Update 1 Brings In Empowered Demons And Much More

This is the first update for Doom Eternal after its release in March 2020

Having completed 2 successful months after the release, Doom Eternal has released its first update. This is a free content update and is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Earlier the developers of this game, id Software had revealed a massive DLC for the story, but the update 1 is a rather small one.

Focusing mainly on challenges and events, Update 1 brings more ways for gamers to earn XP and resources in the game. It also enhances the visuals and controls of the game.

Features of the Update 1 for Doom Eternal

Single Player Campaign

Shortly after Doom Eternal’s release, the game developers looked into the gamers’ feedback to bring about some changes and upgrades for their convenience. The single-player campaign’s update was one such need of the hour. Update 1 allows gamers to –

  • Control the toxic damage while swimming
  • Rush vertically and angularly in water
  • View expanded demon tutorials
  • Plasma Rifle Microwave Mod damage exponentially increases over time
  • Maykr Drone campaign tutorials added to the first encounter in Urdak

Battlemode Upgrades

Battlemode being one of the most extensively played game mode of Doom Eternals, the Update 1 has brought about all the necessary changes to keep the gamers hooked at it –

  • Added a new messaging interface to enhance lobby and server clarity for the players.
  • To help players advance in the game, this update brings them a precise stat report of deaths and the methods of killing.
  • Compulsory tutorials for first-timers to ensure fair play among the gamer
  • Denuvo Anti-Cheat’s system takes strict actions against players using explicit language in the multiplayer voice chat, or sending such messages across the chat room and leaving the matches randomly causing disruption in gameplay.

Empowered Demons

One of the most welcoming additions to the game, the Empowered Demons are now online! From now on, whenever a player is killed in a single-player campaign, the demon responsible for that killing will be given a life boost and sent across to another user’s game.


Taking an empowered Demon down will be no easy feat but the rewards awaiting it are enticing indeed. You will not only be rewarded with health and ammo, but also gain extra XP which will skyrocket your ranking in the game. But it is solely your choice to fight Empowered Demons or no. You will be equipped with a toggle switch in the game tab that enables you to decide their presence in your game.

The Update 1 to Doom Eternal has bought a substantial amount of tweaks and features to the game. As we wait for the major DLC update, id Software can be probably working on more such minor updates to keep the gamers going