Doom Eternal’s Multiplayer Will Be As Good As Its Single Player Campaign

Doom is the complete opposite of a horror game, in Doom’s case you are the scary element invading Hell and giving the demons a run for their sins, and now Doom Eternal developers are claiming that the multiplayer aspect will be as good as the single player.

Doom is one of the biggest franchise is branching out in multiplayer and the developers are hopeful of making a huge impact in the multiplayer aspect of the game.

In an invterview with VGC, Doom Eternal’s creative director Hugo Martin said, “With Doom 2016 we learned that id has to lead and not follow when it comes to game design. With the single-player campaign I think we led, but with the multiplayer we followed. The fans and critics picked up on that. It’s a good mode and it’s fun to play, but it’s not necessarily original”.

The developers are confident about the single players aspect of the game and are poised to bring the same experience in the multiplayer aspect, Martin further said, “This time around we really wanted it to feel like Doom. We took the DNA of the ‘Doom dance’ – the loop of one Slayer versus many demons – and turned that into a competitive, social experience. When we had one Slayer on the battlefield and let players control the demons it felt really good. We’d rather provide players with an incredibly polished and engaging experience that’s really tight, than something that’s huge with a million modes – which is another thing we did in Doom 2016.I think it’s going to be every bit as satisfying to play as the single-player campaign. We play it all the time internally and it’s really, really fantastic”.

To support Martin’s claims, Doom Eternal’s producer Marty Stratton added, “With Doom 2016 we didn’t give players a Slayer experience in multiplayer. We didn’t give them the Doom experience that they got with the campaign and that’s really what this is about. For players who came to Doom 2016 for the campaign, the multiplayer felt like a side cart. In comparison, Eternal is entirely what they want. We get analytics from our game and we see how many people are still playing the Doom campaign. They play it again and again and it’s because they like the way that it makes them feel. So with Doom Eternal’s Battle Mode, we want to give players the ability to continue playing in a more dynamic setting”.


This clearly shows that the developers have been hard at work trying to deliver the best to their abilities and bringing a unique experience that stays true to the Doom universe.

Doom Eternal is scheduled to release on the 2nd November 2019 for Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4

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