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DOOM Eternal Got Many Negative Reviews Because of Anti-cheat

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Last week, id Software added Denuvo anti-cheat to the DOOM Eternal shooter to save the Battlemode online multiplayer mode from bad players who use prohibited software. After that, the players began to massively complain about the sorties and the inability to calmly have fun in a single-player campaign. And now, dissatisfied buyers have moved on to more active actions. They started writing various negative reviews on the Steam page of DOOM Eternal.

Over the past 30 days, the id Software project has received 10,485 reviews on the Valve site. And only 50% of them were positive. If you look at the graph of recent reviews, you can see that the majority of negative comments were left by players from May 15 to May 18. During this period, DOOM Eternal received 4482 reviews, where players said that they do not recommend this game to other people.


Users complain about technical problems caused by Denuvo’s implementation. Moreover, many players who left a negative review noted that they liked DOOM Eternal before. This confirms the amount of playing time that they had. The vast majority of dissatisfied fans spent more than 20 hours playing the new project of id Software. According to individual fans, the new DOOM could confidently get the title of the shooter of the year. However, as they as, Denuvo anti-cheat ruined everything, and now the chances are much lower. They say that it is worth getting rid of it.

Besides, some users claim that Anti-cheat conducts surveillance of their computers.