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DNF Duel Tier List By Infiltration (2022)

Looking for the best fighters of DNF Duel? Check out this Tier List made by Infiltration.

DNF Duel is a fighting game developed by Arc System Works, Eighting, and Neople. It is based on the popular game Dungeon & Fighter which is a beat ’em up action RPG game. But let’s focus on DNF Duel, since it is a fighting game, the CPT East Asia 2 champion INFILTRATION himself has made a Tier List for it. You know the list has to be good when Capcom Pro Tour East Asia 2 champion is the one who is interested in the game. So let us take a look at the DNF Duel Tier List by INFILTRATION of best fighters.

DNF Duel Tier List


dnf duel best fighters tier list

Before we get into this list, it is a recommendation of the best fighters by INFILTRATION. There is a good chance you might find some other character to be more useful and hence might feel they are placed in the wrong tier. That is fine as long as you are having fun playing the game with your favorite character. So now let us take a look at the best fighters Tier list for DNF Duel.

Fighter Tier
Crusader UNGA
Striker UNGA
Vanguard S
Ranger S
Grappler S
Berserker S
Hitman S
Kunoichi S
Dragon Knight A
Inquisitor B

In case you don’t know what UNGA means, it is a term used in fighting games for referring to broken characters. These fighters are easy to play with and don’t require much strategy, knowledge, or practice for playing. S Tier fighters are good and give a tough fight to UNGA fighters, you could argue some are even on their level. A Tier fighters are okay and you should avoid using B Tier fighters.

That sums up this DNF Duel Tier List by INFILTRATION of best fighters. If you liked the above list don’t forget to check out our other Tier Lists. And for more things gaming be sure to check out Gamer Tweak.