How To Upgrade Exotic Weapon In The Division 2

Tips To Level Up Exotic The Chatterbox, Liberty, and Merciless

Do you want to know how to Upgrade Exotic Weapon in The Division 2? How to get maximum Gear Score, then this guide is for you. The Division 2 Exotic Weapons are rare and powerful. They are hard to find, but once you have them then getting maximum upgrades will make you unbeatable. So finding the Exotic Weapon after hours of grinding is one thing, but with that upgrading it to maximum Gear Score is crucial.

How To Upgrade Exotic Weapon Chatterbox, Liberty, and Merciless

Visit the Vendor To Buy Blueprints To Upgrade Exotic Weapon:

In the White House, there are two Vendors on the front side. The desk is pretty easy to notice and when you had played the game enough then you will be frequently visiting the desk. On the left is Quartermaster. This guy will give you access to upgrades, you can also get skills from here. There are two more vendors on the other side of the room. After getting anyone Exotic Weapon to visit the vendor and you will see something new in Inventory.

You can buy blueprints to upgrade each exotic weapon in your inventory, there are around 11 Exotic weapons in The Division 2. Blueprints cost around 1010 E-Credits, and once you purchase you can move forward to start crafting it.

Upgrade The Workstation Bench:

After having the blueprint, visit the Crafting Table. You have to upgrade this to the max to get max Gear Score for Exotic Weapons, you cannot upgrade if the table level is low. You can create a max level Exotic with max level crafting table only. There are tons of resources in The Division 2 you can gather to upgrade the bench.

Upgrading Exotic Weapon:

After all, grinding to get E-credits to buy blueprint and upgrading the table you can now upgrade your Exotic to the max. You will need a lot of crafting items here, you can view that in the Weapons description what is needed to get max score. The toughest thing is to get an Exotic Component that is available by dismantling the Exotic.

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