How To Get Exotic LMG Pestilence In The Division 2 – Guide

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Exotic LMG Pestilence is a new outlaw machine gun in The Division 2 and if you had not yet found it then this guide is for you. Pestilence is located in the Dark Zone, yes you will find the gun in the Dark Zone, and you can also read on its stats to find out how strong this weapon is.

Where To Find Exotic LMG Pestilence

Exotic LMG Pestilence is a PvP weapon, depending on the stats and perks the weapon is amazing when it comes to nearby combat. The weapon works best when you are being chased and has to fight your way out. To get Pestilence to visit the Dark Zone and play the Landmark. There are chances that any one boss from the Landmark will drop the weapon. The weapon can be contaminated when you pick it, so as soon as you get the weapon to extract it or else your hours of hardware will be wasted.

Exotic LMG Pestilence Stats

  • DMG – 5.1k
  • RPM – 550
  • MAG – 100
  • Reload Time – 5.5s

Exotic LMG Pestilence Perks

Plague of the Outcast: After hitting the same enemy 20 times, that enemy is inflicted with Plague of the Outcast.

  • Whenever a enemy with Plague of Outcast is killed they leave a toxic cloud for 10 seconds that deals 200% weapon damage per second to anyone inside the inflicts them with Pestilence.

Pestilence: The debuff reduces healing received by 50% for 10s.

  • Whenever an enemy with Pestilence would be downed, they are instead instantly killed.
    Outcast Resilience: While holstered, gain 20% bonus armor for 5s whenever you are affected by blind, bleed, or burning.

So this how you can get Pestilence LMG in The Division 2, you can also read our Guide on How To Nemesis Rifle to get another Exotic Weapon.

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