Division 2 Chatterbox Exotic SMG Unlock Guide – All Parts & Blueprint Locations

Find How To Craft Chatterbox Exotic SMG Rifle

To Craft Chatterbox Exotic SMG weapon in The Division 2 you will need to find four items. First to get Hyenas keys to unlock Hyena Chest boxes and then find weapons parts. The last thing needed is the weapon blueprint. Overall there are around thirty locations where you will find Keyboxes. It is not possible to list them all, but in this How to Craft Chatterbox Exotic SMG In The Division 2 guide you will get Hyena Key Boxes map locations to search and how to identify the key boxes.

Where To Search Hyena Keys in The Division 2

Hyena Keys are found in key boxes, a white color box embedded on the walls of underground areas. There is no exact location, they are random, so you have to check everywhere. There are around 30 or more key boxes located in the underground regions. Once you open a box you will not get anything for next 24 hours even if you jump into some other player’s server. Best not to waste time, and keep searching, this requires a lot of grinding.

To unlock Hyena chest with Chatterbox Exotic SMG weapon components, you will need around four to twelve keys, sometime even five will do the job. There are eleven Hyenas crates on different locations, and you will need to scan them all to get all the parts. The Key boxes look like on the image above, a white box with different keys in it. Just keep searching the underground areas.

Places to Search for Keyboxes:


  • West Potomac Park: In West Potomac Park towards the south west there is an underground region where you can find around four to five keys. Look for underground tunnels near The Theater control point, and in the white house region on the left of huge pool. That region has the max keys, you can get around six to seven keyboxes. Search around Independence Ave SW.
  • East Mall: In this region look around Hyenas control point region, somewhere near the road that leads to Madison Dr NW at an intersection point of 14th ST NW. The underground region here can give you around two keys.
  • Southwest: There is one key near the Hyenas control point.
  • Federal Triangle: Near the region you picked the main missions, there is an underground region nearby it can give you two keys.
  • Downtown East: Around True Sons control point, far north the underground region is located below the buildings. You can collect around three keys.
  • Downtown West: Around Outcast control point, search in the Toxic Alley area, you can collect around three keys in this region.
  • White House: Look around the circular region, an underground area in this part will offer you around 4 keys.
  • Constitution Hall: On the south west of building find an underground parking, it will give you access to a tunnel system where you can find four to five keys.

Chatterbox Exotic SMG All Parts & Blueprint Locations.

Finally once you have enough keys it’s time to unlock the Hyenas chest and collect all Chatterbox Exotic SMG parts and blueprint. The components spawn randomly on different Hyenas chest so this requires a bit of grinding, we tried to find the best possible boxes location where you can surely get the weapon parts.

SMG: Loaded Canister – Downtown East


There are two places in Downtown East you can search for SMG: Loaded Canister. First is inside the Martin Luther King. JR. Memorial Library near the stronghold. Go inside and on the lower floor look for a wall that has a painting of saxophone, the chest in on the left corner below stairs.


The second place you can look is a shopping mall, look for the M sign and go left. Go to the corner right and there is a box on the ground.


The third place is to search is at Grand Washington hotel there are two boxes in this region. The first one is easy to locate, once you reach a hallway refer the picture on left, take a left turn to before you proceed to the main marker. There is a broken wall on left that takes you inside a room look into the bathroom on the right below basin. Another box is on the roof, once you cross the stairs, before proceeding up look on the right corner behind the door.

SMG: Creative Magazine – Federal Triangle


For the creative magazine, head into the building marked on the map image above and climb on an upper floor. The box will be on the left end.


Another location is on top of a building, on the marked location just climb up and search around. During the story mission you will be visiting Jefferson Trade Center, you will have to pass through an underground parking garage. Before you exit look for parked vans go right behind the van and the box is in the end corner.

SMG: Modified Mods – Judiciary Square


In Judiciary Square enter into the basement of the building, look for a machine gun, on the backside there is another room, look on the left near gas masks and crates.


Another box is located in the same region between two buildings, and climb up on the roof after breaking the first door. There is a ladder on right, climb up and enter through the door on left end, go up one more time and you will spot the box.

SMG: Chatterbox Blueprint – Bank Headquarters


You will find the blueprint during the main story mission in Bank Headquarters. After killing the boss inside, you will get a Vault Encryption Key. Follow the marker, and after turning left cross the room. Go slow and in the next room on the left side you will find a hidden panel that will give you RFID Card. Now you have a key and a RFID Card, keep playing till you reach the huge vault door. Unlock it and go left, use the RFID card to unlock the gate the chest is on the floor near stash of money.

Once you have everything return to White House and visit the crafting table to craft the Chatterbox Exotic SMG. Below are weapon stats & talents.

Chatterbox Exotic SMG Weapon Stats:

  • Score – 440
  • Sub Machine Gun
  • Critical Hit Chances +14.5%
  • DMG – 10.1K
  • RPM – 700
  • MAG – 60
  • Reload Time – 2.2s
  • Critical Strike Range – 0-30m

Chatterbox Exotic SMG Weapon Perks (Talents):

  • Incessant Chatter – Every shot landed grants 1% rate of fire to a max of 60%. This reset on reload.
  • Box Magazine – Kills with this weapon refill 20% of its magazine and grants a buff for 10s. While the buff is active, every shot landed increase magazine capacity by 1 to a max of 60. Killing a target consumes the buff to fully refill the increased magazine.
  • Blabbermouth – While holstered, reloading your weapon within 5s after a kill grants 20% rate of fir for 10s.
  • Sell price – 89

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