How To Get 7.62 Extended Magazine Mod – Division 2

30 Rounds at +5% Cost To Damage Is Worth To Grind

There are some powerful mods for weapons in The Division 2, these mods will be best for tough situations and against boss fights. It is necessary to know about such mods and use them way before your opponent finds. One of them is a 7.62 Extended Magazine a weapon mod in Division 2 that is available through end game high-level activities. It’s a time consuming process to find this mod, and this guide is there to help. In this Division 2 7.62 Extended Magazine Location guide you can find exact process to find the mod for Assault Rifle.

How to Get 7.62 Extended Magazine in Division 2?

7.62 Extended Magazine adds a 30 rounds at 5% cost to damage, so it is a worth to find upgrade for your rifle. The most important thing to do is reach World Tier 4. Play activities connected to Control Points with red lines. You have to raise a hostile Control Point upto Alert Level 3. There are different Control Point activities you can play to save hostages like disrupting a public execution. You can also play territory control and similar missions.

Try to raise the Alert Level, no matter what Control Point you pick to start, once you raise the Alert Level you had completed the Control Point. This means you now have control over it. As a reward to accomplish the mission you will earn a random blueprint for a weapon mode.

This random blueprint will reward you 7.62 Extended Magazine, but it is not 100% sure that you will get it during the first try. There are chances you have to play the Control Point again to for the reward and you will surely earn it. This requires a lot of grinding, at World Tier 4 things are tough. Above all not all Control Points are friendly.

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