The Division 2 Players Are Facing Bugs After Tidal Basin Update

With every update that comes for a game, there seems to be something important that the developers forget to fix or inadvertently break something that worked perfectly and this has been the case for The Division 2. After the latest major Tidal Basin update, players have found a worrying thing. The ammo drops for signature weapons seems to be vanishing away in thin air.

The story has been buzzing on social media sites like Twitter and Reddit, where the players have voiced their concern about this to which the developers have announced that they are investigating the issue.

The developers have addressed the issue and a fix can be expected soon, the launch of The Division 2 was smooth and the game has been greatly appreciated by the gaming community in its entirety.

Another issue has been plaguing the game after the Tidal Basin update, where daily and weekly projects can repeatedly award players. To fix this for the time being the developers had shut down the servers for a while and currently have disabled the feature altogether after they could not fix it.

All the above points to an update which should be coming in the near future, though these bugs are annoying, the developers seem to be keen on hearing the issues faced by the players and that they are actively working on every individual bug with care and attention.

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The Division 2 is available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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