Operation Dark Hours Has Finally Been Beaten On A Console

What seemed impossible has been done, the Dark Hours Raid in the Division 2 seemed like it would take forever but a group of PS4 players has finally managed to beat it.

It took less than 6 hours for PC players to complete the raid which was introduced in the Division 2 along with the latest update. The raid battles are incredibly difficult and with bosses who have increasing difficulties, it was a major issue for console gamers.

The very first boss itself ‘Boomer’ seemed impenetrable as you have to focus your firepower on specific parts of his armor in order to disarm him but it seemed impossible on the console as aiming is a major issue.

The winning team which consists of Bloodshy, Inkist, Tico79, Jaqev, Hansome Lancer, AZPrimeminister, I’m Bats, and H2K Predator beat Operation Dark Hours in 36 hours and 42 minutes. This included breaks and not single sessions.

The team had to take advantages of the checkpoints available in the raids which you can get access to after defeating a boss.

This feat is highly incredible when taking into consideration that they did it 2 days after the raid was released for the players who have a gear score of around 500.

The feat was even appreciated by Ubisoft employee on Reddit,

How has been your experience of the raid, you can check out guides on how to efficiently defeat each raid boss right here.

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