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Division 2 How To Use Photo Mode And Unlock Posterity Trophy

Learn how to click cool pictures of your avatars

The Division to has a Photo mode that allows to click amazing picture of your virtual avatar in the game, you can check your customization from all angles, take a picture and share it with your friends. If you click picture with a group of 4 Agents you will unlock a For Posterity achievement.

How To Use Photo Mode

To use Photo Mode in PS4 press options button and from Xbox One hit Menu button. You will enter into photo mode where you can view a 360 degree area of the character. Also on the left bottom side you will see all required controls to take pictures, modify, to rotate the camera, etc.

For Xbox hit A to capture a picture and B to Exit. In the above video you can view how the user is able to enter into Photo Mode and view the complete surrounding using the direction keys. The photo mode is not just limited to clicking picture, under mode controls you get basic photo editing tools.

You can adjust Exposure, Contrast and Saturation under Adjust. Modify Focus, and add Filters. Pose is something different you can try where you can play an Emote and click picture. You can also adjust Strength, Offset and add a Border. Having the basic tools is helpful to create a best image you can use as your profile cover also.

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