Division 2 Operation Dark Hour Raid Guide – Find Release Date, How To Play, Level Requirements & More

The Toughest Fight Is Yet To Begin

Division 2 Operation Dark Hour Raid is the toughest challenge coming up this April 2019, and if you had already unlocked endgame then this will be your test. Operation Dark Hour Raid is the hardest challenge Division 2 players will encounter and so it has certain level requirements. Ubisoft also informed recently that the challenge demands expert coordination, where a squad will be taking on some of the toughest enemies in the game. The raid is open for everyone.

Operating Dark Hours Release Date & Important Details:

Operation Dark Hours will be unlocked on April 25, the raid will bring tough challenges so you need to be on your max level to compete. We are not having enough details on the exact time when Operation Dark Hour Raid goes live.

Operating Dark Hours Level & Gear Score Requirements:

Unlock World Tier 5 and get your max Gear Score, if you are somewhere around 500 then you can do really well in the game. Anyhow you will be starting with fewer load-outs and it relies on a loot on loot what quality gear you get. Being a hard mode you will be definitely rewarded with strong gears and weapons in the game. To get to World Tier 5 which was released on April 5, capture Tidal Basin the new stronghold. By doing this you can easily earn a Gear Score of 400 and above.

Technically the Raid will be above all challenges you had faced till yet, so you need the strongest gear and weapons in the game to compete. One good news for gamers those who are willing to enter on lower scores will have to keep an eye on drops. This drop will reward you with strong gears that will help you to progress further.

Maximum Players Who Can Play At One Time

As per a leak, there will be an 8 player squad in Operating Dark Hours, they will start from Arlington Bridge and they have to rely on the drops. One of the players from the team of eight will be marked as Hunted, he will be the only one who can see the escape route off the bridge. It will be this players responsibility to pull everyone out and guide them well where to focus. Other players will act as a guard to protect the player and so the story progress. Another leak claims there will be a team of two, four players each team who will have to search an area for some stolen stuff. One team will be the search party and second will control a watch tower to fire a missile.

There will be powerplay items dropping from elite enemies will reward players so high-end gears and loots. We are still digging out a lot about Operation Dark Hour Raid and update if find something useful. Thanks for reading.

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