The Division 2 – Where to Find Keys, Cabinets and How To Access Suite 3

The obliterated streets of Washington D.C in The Division 2 are full of dangers and you will never know where the next attack will come from but if you look closer the streets of Washington D.C are also filled with a ton of loot to upgrade your gear and perform better in your battle against the Hyena and other factions.
You can find rare items like Hyena Keys and the Outcast and True Sons variants but this is where things get a bit tricky.

The locations of these items seem to be randomized but if you look closer you may as well be able to locate and find better upgrades and weapons for yourself.

How To Find Hyena, Outcast and True Sons keys in The Division 2

You will find supply chests with weapons and gear but some seem to be locked and finding a key for it requires a lot of searching and you will need specific keys for specific kind of boxes.

The first thing you will have to do is locate key cabinets which are fixed on the walls. You will find most of these cabinets in underground and buildings controlled by either a faction or neutral areas.

If you happen to rush a Hyena territory on a side mission and find a cabinet, you will most likely find a Hyena Key inside which will grant you access to the locked boxes and if you find a cabinet out in the open world you will get a key for either of the three factions.

The most likely sites to find a few of these cabinets is to go down to the underground entrance in the south of the White House Lawn.

You will find more of these as you keep searching in underground tunnels and building under the control of either of these three factions.

How To Access Suite 3 in the Grand Washington Hotel Mission

When you begin the Grand Washington Hotel Mission, you will find a corpse of a Hyena soldier on the right in the first room itself.

Take this card to unlock the secret room filled with handsome loot, but first, you will need to locate is the “Suite 3”, continue with your mission until you find the corridor with the sign “Suites 1-10”

You will find Suite 3 on the left-hand side.


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