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Division 2 – How To Unlock Exotic Diamondback Rifle

118.7K Damage Rifle

Diamondback Rifle location in Division 2 – Find this amazing rifle with 160.1K damage, a very powerful rifle with amazing perks that can make you unbeatable in the game. The rifle has high stats but low on the mag, however, it won’t impact your gameplay much if you are not ambushed. Amazing rifle to take down stronger enemies Diamondback Rifle has a unique look with a snake wrapped all around the gun. This gives a peculiar identity to this weapons in Division 2 and in this guide, I will give you the exact location to find Diamondback Rifle in Division 2.

Where to find Diamondback Rifle in Division 2


Go to Kenly College, which is part of Division 2 Episode 1, which is unlocked on July 30. Episode 1 adds a new location D.C. Outskirts in Division 2, where you will be playing two main missions and new Expeditions.

Expeditions are free events, that players to unexplored locations, and this is where they will first hit Kenly College. To find Diamondback Rifles, you have to complete three Expeditions to unlock Kenly Chapel.

  1. Kenly Library
  2. Kenly Metro Station
  3. Kenly Student Union


Complete all these three to get access to Kenly Chapel, on the left of the chapel there is an underground path that leads to a locked supply room. Check in the yellow crate to finally get Diamondback Rifle.

Diamondback Rifle Stats:

When you pick the Diamondback Rifle for the first time it brings 118.7k damage. You can use some mods to get 150k above, I will explain more that below. Before let’s have a look on the actual stats.


Diamondback Rifle – I don’t give a damn if it’s not an actual Diamondback. I’ll call it whatever I want, and I like the name. – Manning National Zoo Reptile Keeper.

  1. DMG – 118.7k
  2. RPM – 100
  3. MAG – 6
  4. Accuracy – Medium
  5. Stability – High
  6. Reload – 3.4s

Diamondback Rifle Talents:


Agonizing Bite: Diamondback randomly marks an enemy. Hitting their enemy consumes the mark guaranteeing a critical hit with +20% total damage. A new random enemy is marked afterward and whenever you reload.

Deep Fangs: After hitting 5 marked enemies, gain +50% reload speed, +20% total damage and all shots fired are guaranteed critical hits for 10s.

Shedding Skins: While drawn, each time around is loaded, gain +20% bonus armor for 3s. While holstered, each time you reload or feed your current weapon, gain +8% bonus armor for 2s.

Diamondback Mods:

  1. Optics Rail – Diamondback Dot Sight +10% Accuracy.
  2. Level Slot – Diamondback Level +10% Damage to Allies.
  3. Underbarrel Slot – Diamondback Grip +10% Stability.
  4. Snake Slot – Rattlesnake Ornamentation +15% Critical Hit Damage.

With mods, you can reach around 160K damage easily and takedown armored enemies in max three hits. It is a powerful weapon but due to low mag cannot be used in the battle arena.