How To Get More Outfits or Apparels In Division 2

Find out how you can get more new clothes

In Division 2 there are many new outfits and there are events that reward you exclusive mask and uniforms. There are certain ways by which you can get new outfits in Division 2. It is hard to find clothes in the game because it does drops every now and then. If you found enough of them you can also sell it at your base to get some credits. These can be later used to unlock events or other apparels. First, we will tell how you can get new clothes in Division 2.

How To Get New Outfits

The most common place to find outfits is in an abandoned suitcase. Sometime you will also earn by killing some enemies and looting them. There are buses on the roads where you can find lots of suitcases lying around.

Walk towards them and scan them properly. You will get a new piece of clothing or something you also get emotes. Some of them give you ammo and some have raw materials. Especially the cases you find in military regions have raw materials. After getting enough XP in Division 2 you will level up and you will earn a Cache. This weapon cache will give you apparels. You can also check in your inventory for random cosmetic items and new clothes.

At Theater Settlement you will unlock a Vendor at the very beginning of the game. You can sell your items our buy new things from the vendor. This is also a way to get some good apparels. The fastest way to get good clothes is by paying with some real money. You can buy from the game Store, there are many clothes available. It can be purchased using premium credits.

The Division 2 also has a hidden outfit you can check our guide Hidden Outfit Location for more info. Also, check How To Change Outfits in Division 2.

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