How To Get More Emotes In The Division 2 – Guide

How To Use Emotes & Get New Expressions

It feels awesome when you clap for fellow teammates when they get you sweat victory through Emotes. In this Division 2 Emotes Guide you will learn how to Use Emotes and Get New Emotes in Division 2 by paying premium credits. Emotes are amazing way to express yourself without saying anything and they are instantly available.

How To Use or Change Emotes

Press and hold the d-pad and then use the right analog to select the Emote you want to use. This will launch an Emote wheel use that to pick the one you want, you can hover over each to see the live effect. Press X on PS4 or A on Xbox to pay it.

How To Get New Emotes

You can buy new emotes from the Apparel Store. You have to shed some cash for this, you can use premium credits or you can spend real cash to get them added in your wallet. Use them to buy new one from the stores, go Apparel Menu and look on the top right section for Emotes. In that you can pick something unique or funny.
Do you want to know all Emotes of The Division 2 then watch the video below by – ScereBro PSNU.

The listed emotes required premium credits to unlock, a 2400 Premium Credits Pack cost around $19.99 on Microsoft Store.

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