How To Change Agent Appearance & Hairstyle In Division 2

Bored with the same look, you can try out some cool hairstyles

At the beginning in Division 2 when you start with a New Agent you get options to customize the Agent the way you want. You can pick face type, hairstyle, caps, goggles, clothes, etc. But after you are done and enter in the city there is no way to modify Agent’s appearance once again. However, you can instantly equip back-pack or apparels if you find through loots. This does not mean you cannot do it, you can in this Division 2 guide we bring you tips to change Agents appearance and hairstyle.

How To Change Agent Appearance

You can face, eye color, eyebrows, skin tone, etc during the start of the game. You will also get the option to choose tattoos and clothes. These characteristics are fixed, that means you cannot completely modify the look of your Agent, but you can change its cloths and hairstyle. So at the beginning spend enough time to get the best look, or you can start with a New Agent also.

How To Change Agent Hairstyle

Remember changing your Agent appearance will cost you E-Credits. Each time you do any changes there will be a small fee for the change. To modify Hairstyle unlock Campus Settlement, and then play the next main missions Bank Headquarters. After completing this return back to the campus and talk to Joshua. Open the Map and look for an Orange Icon. This will unlock Barber at the base of operations at the White House stronghold.

Visit Base of Operations and from the hallway turn right to look for a small room, there is a mirror inside. Interact with the mirror and you can now change the hairstyle, tattoos, and other features.

Hope the information will help you to make your agent look better the way you want. For changing Outfits you have to loot briefcases, some dead bodies also offer you new clothes. For more info check our guide How to Change Outfits and Get More Clothes in The Division 2.

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