How To Get Hard Wired Gear Set In Division 2 – Guide

A Gear Set With Three Bonuses When You Wear All 6 Of Them

Hard Wired Gear set is an amazing set of gears to collect in Division 2 but it requires a bit of grinding to get all the three pieces. In this Division 2 guide, we will give you step by step details on how to unlock the Hard Wired Gear set. It is dropped by Black Tusk enemies, and it requires a lot of grinding. Requirements of getting Hard Wired Gear set has two sections, first collecting all the components and second donating it to get the blueprint. It is entirely on you whether you want it or not, you can read below the Hard Wired Bonus section to know what additional benefit you can get with this gear set.

How To Get Hard Wired Gear Set

Complete Tidal Basin and enter World Tier 5. Go to the Map and look at the Project. You will see a new project as a Hard Wired Prototype. This is where you will start playing to collect the gear set. To complete the project you have to complete six mission to collect all the parts and then donate it to get the Blueprint. Once you have the blueprint collect enough hard wired tech to craft them and you can wear the gear set.

Hard Wired Gear Set Locations

Neutralize the final boss of these missions to get a drop in the end. The drop will reward you a different hard-wired component, and each of these is tied up with a different blueprint.

  1. Grand Washington Hotel – Hard Wired ‘M’ Component Drop
  2. Jefferson Trade Center – Hard Wired ‘C’ Component Drop
  3. Federal Emergency Bunker – Hard Wired ‘B’ Component Drop
  4. Lincoln Memorial – Hard Wired ‘G’ Component Drop
  5. Air & Space Museum – Hard Wired ‘H’ Component Drop
  6. Bank Headquarters – Hard Wired ‘K’ Component Drop

Hard Wired Gear Blueprints

After collecting all donate it for the project and you will get the following list of Blueprints.

  1. Blueprint “Rhodeswood” AR Mask
  2. Blueprint “Serpentine” Array Vest
  3. Blueprint “Abberton” Dynamo Carrier
  4. Blueprint “Molesey” ESD Gloves
  5. Blueprint “Ullswater” Proxy Rig
  6. Blueprint “Strines” Stabilizing Pad

To craft the blueprint you will need to gather more components like Hard Wired Tech, Polycarbonate, Electronics, Protective Fabric, etc. This is where it takes more time after already grinding with six missions.

Hard Wired Gear Set Bonus

To get benefit from the Gear set you have to start wearing two or more pieces, that is the lowest requirements. Below is the additional bonus you earn by wearing Hard Wired Gear Set.

  1. 20% Skill Health – Requires 2 from 6 Gear Set
  2. 20% Shock Duration – Requires 3 from 6 Gear Set
  3. +20% Skill Power – Requires 5 from 6 Gear Set. It offers you additional Bonus – Tamper Proof: Electrify your deployed skills (hive, turrets, pulse sensor) causing enemies wandering too close to be shocked. Can occur every 10 seconds.
  4. Wearing all 6 Gear Sets offer you Feedback Loop bonus: Killing with a skill resets the cooldown of your other skill. Repairing friendly agents armor from zero resets the cooldown of your skills. Can only occur every 15 seconds. When a skill cooldown ends (or reaches full charges), gain bonus damage and repair to all skills for 15 seconds.

The gear sets carry great attributes and there will be a certain level where the gear set will act as an important element. If you had just entered world tier 5 then you can hunt them down later on.

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