The Division 2 All Echoes Location Guide

Don't Ignore The Voice, They Tell Stories

Echoes are collectible items in The Division 2 which can be found all over the massive map, but it can be a bit difficult to locate them, the echoes in The Division 2 can be rebuilt to show you the agent what transpired at the very place that caused mayhem and anarchy in the game. Echoes help build up the story and give a very complete picture of how and why things happened. This guide will show you where to locate all the echoes in The Division 2.

The locations of the Echoes in The Division 2

White House

Pennsylvania Ave NW

To find the echo you will need to go to the main entrance of the White House and enter the corridor from the right, you will need to then proceed further up the stairs onto your left and when you get to the top enter the door to the right which will lead you to the exit. Once there take any gate that leads you out to Pennsylvania Avenue NW. The echo can be found in the middle of the ground behind the White House.

Federal Triangle

Pennsylvania Ave NW

Find the monument located between Indiana Avenue NW and 11th St NW. Once you get here, walk towards the east till you see two lampposts, the echo will be just ahead.

Pennsylvania Ave NW
There is another echo, located on the second Pennsylvania Ave, you will need to find the intersection between Pennsylvania Ave NW and 13th St NW, and head east on the same road till you see a giant building on the left side. The echo is located in the doorway.

Downtown East

15th St NW

Find the intersection between 15th St NW and G St NW on the map, once there find a bistro on the southeast corner with a green canvas-like cover to provide shade. You will find the echo inside.


Find the intersection between E St NW and 11th St NW. Keep walking towards east from there and you will find the echo in the middle of the road.

These are the locations of the echo in The Division 2 and make sure you check out other guides as well.

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