Division 2 Dark Zone Chest Locations – All 19 DZ East Weekly Project Chest Location With Map

Find all nineteen chest in Division 2 Dark Zone DZ East region and quickly complete Weekly Project

In this Division 2 ark Zone Chest Locations Guide we will give you location of 5 Chest, in DZ East which is enough to complete the weekly project. Dark Zone DZ East chest can spawn in many location, finding the chest will reward you Gold and Purple rewards. This is your easiest way to earn some high exotic loots.

Dark Zone East All Chest Locations

One important thing I will recommend you to visit the Dark Zone unless you reach Level 30. This also changes the rarity of item drops.

Dark Zone DZ East Chest 1 Locations:


In the east of map enter Labor Department – Landmark Hard. Beware of Hyenas in this region. The chest is located on the top of steps.

Dark Zone DZ East Chest 2 Locations:


For the next chest follow the marked location on the image above, just go north and you will see a building in form of a inverted C shape. Look for a slope that goes down it will lead you to underground parking. The chest is located near a Black pickup truck.

Dark Zone DZ East Chest 3 Locations:


The third one is easiest to locate, from your last location go northwest and you will reach a building with huge stairs in the front. Go up and the chest in the middle.

Dark Zone DZ East Chest 4 Locations:


Keep going north to the end until you reach a construction area. Visit the build marked on the image, go inside and look into the room on your left to locate the chest.

Dark Zone DZ East Chest 5 Locations:


The next one is nearby, walk to the east and look for a abandoned park. The chest is kept near a old benches on the lower part of park region.

Dark Zone DZ East Chest 6 Locations:


From the above region the abandoned park walk a little bit further to the east side follow the main road. There is a triangular shape building and a alley. Search for a parked truck, behind it is a entrance into the building that takes you to a lower room. Just go inside and look on the right corner in second room.

Dark Zone DZ East Chest 7 Locations:


After taking the Chest 6 keep walking east until you see a open contaminated area. The place has lots of cylinders placed into a open structure, look for a green control panel, the just is place near it.

Dark Zone DZ East Chest 8 Locations:


In the same region exit the building and walk to the marked location on the map, you will reach a region with lots of parked army truck the chest is near a dead body.

Dark Zone DZ East Chest 9 Locations:


A title south the region there is area with lots of toxic waste containers, the chest is kept on it.

Dark Zone DZ East Chest 10 Locations:


Refer the image and head to the marked location, look for the bridge, the chest is below it.

Dark Zone DZ East Chest 11 Locations:


From the last chest location, walk to the south side and look for stairs. Look on left down you will spot two blue truck with 1195 text on them. It will point you to underground parking, the chest is near the car checkpoint.

Dark Zone DZ East Chest 12 Locations:


Just walk a little to the south east side to find a open region with wooden longs and huge rock columns. Look for a bulldozer and behind you can easily find huge rock columns. The chest is on it.

Dark Zone DZ East Chest 13 & 14 Locations:


The next location is a underground parking lot of a building, look for a slope that takes you in, the first chest is on the east wall between two cars and for the second one look for a open door with an garbage bin outside. Go inside and you can see graffiti on wall the chest is on the left.

Dark Zone DZ East Chest 15 Locations:


The next one is not far from where you got the upper two. Keep walking east and locate a stage, the chest on it.

Dark Zone DZ East Chest 16 Locations:


Next is outside the building take the route towards north. You have to scan this region the chest is inside a tent.


There one in the dump yard, just search a shed and the chest is easy to find. Next you can head to the mall where you will find two more chest, the first on is in the entrance region near the Christmas tree and the second done on the backside of the mall in a container.

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