The Division 2 Dark Zone – Tips On Best Builds And Gears

Gears, Weapons and Skills Tips for Dark Zone Build

Best Gears in The Division 2 Dark Zone will help you to stay alive for longer period. But how to get a good build is big question? There are tons of gears in The Division 2, and Dark Zone is something you don’t want to experiment. So in this Dark Zone – How To Get Best Build guide, we bring you some important tips to survive in the difficult situation. By picking the right load-outs it becomes a little easier to tackle other players and NPC in Dark Zone.

How To Get Best Builds For Dark Zone?

There are three primary things you have to focus on to get the best builds for Dark Zone, first is choosing Skills, and then comes Weapons and Gears. A combination of these three things will fuel enough power to take down a horde of enemies in Dark Zone, Bosses or other annoying NPCs.

Top Skills & Mods For Dark Zone Builds:

  • Chem Launcher + Reinforcer mod: Summon a circle that restores your and friends armor while standing inside. Takes less time to recharge.
  • Drone + Striker Mod or Fixer Mod: Ideal to create a distraction, you can engage enemies with this for a while and plan-out your attack. If you use Fixer Mode the Drone will follow and heal you.

Top Weapons For Dark Zone Builds:

  • Assault Rifle: For continuous shooting and constant damage. Upgrade the weapons to increase their capabilities.
  • Submachine Gun: For burst damage. Upgrade the weapons to increase their capabilities.

Top Gears For Dark Zone Builds:

Focus on gears that carry high Gear score and then use them with the right category. It is pretty simple to figure out, with good set of gears it is easier to reduce the damage intake, and some offer you additional boost but it all relies how well you play. The two most important things to focus are weapon damage and health. Check the stats well to see if you get anything additional to add.

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