Disney Heroes Battle Mode Tier List December 2023

Here are all the characters in Disney Heroes ranked from best to worst.

With all our favorite Disney characters against each other in Disney Heroes Battle Mode, it will be a task to make the ultimate team. But don’t worry, we got you! Here is a tier list of all the characters in Disney Heroes Battle Mode ranked from best to worst to help you form the ultimate team.

Disney Heroes Battle Mode Tier List December 2023

Disney Heroes Battle Mode Characters

Here are all the heroes in Disney Heroes Battle mode ranked from best to worst:

Goofy Tank S
Eeyore Tanks S
Piggy Damage S
Randall Damage S
Beast Damage S
Peter Pan Damage S
Joy Support S
Launchpad Support S
Megara Support S
Magica Control S
Cap. Hook Control S
Bo Peep Tanks A
Olaf Tanks A
Megavolt Damage A
Stitch Damage A
D & B Damage A
Duke Damage A
Kida Damage A
Rapunzel Support A
T&P Support A
Animal Support A
Gizmoduck Support A
Jafar Control A
Yzma Control A
Hiro Control A
Donald Control A
Maleficent Control A
Oogie B. Tanks B
Baymax Tanks B
Hades Tanks B
Gonzo Tanks B
Hercules Tanks B
Anger Damage B
Scrooge M. Damage B
Elsa Damage B
Merida Damage B
Barbossa Damage B
Jack Sk. Damage B
S&N Damage B
Woody Support B
Rafiki Support B
Jasmine Control B
Merlin Control B
Gaston Control B
Finnick Control B
H&D&L Control B
Facilier Control B
Mr Inc Tanks C
Felix Tanks C
Bogo Tanks C
Sally Tanks C
Moana Damage C
Zurg Damage C
Eve Damage C
Nick Damage C
Scar Damage C
Ma. Mim Damage C
Violet Support C
Mickey Support C
Miguel Support C
Judy Support C
Flynn Rider Control C
Colette Control C
Hatter Control C
Wall-E Control C
Shank Tanks D
Maui Tanks D
Queen of H Tanks D
Sulley Tanks D
Ralph Tanks D
Rex Tanks D
Aladdin Damage D
Quorra Damage D
Darkwing Damage D
Robin Damage D
J. Sparrow Damage D
Mike Damage D
Buzz Damage D
Jessie Damage D
Vanellope Damage D
Calhoun Damage D
Elastigirl Damage D
Jack-Jack Damage D
Dash Damage D
Alice Support D
Yax Support D
Kevin Flynn Support D
Genie Control D
Tia Dalma Control D
Ursula Control D
Frozone Control D

So that is all for our guide on the Disney Heroes Battle Mode tier list of all characters. If you would like to know more tier lists of all the amazing games, we have a list that you can check out.