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Disgaea RPG Codes 2022 January – Updated List

Here are all the Disgaea RPG Codes that you can redeem to get free rewards.

If you are searching for Disgaea RPG Codes then this is where you will get the full list. When you redeem these serial codes, you will be able to get in-game rewards like crystals and more. As of now, these are working and active redeem codes but when more are released, we will update this article so be sure to check back here.

Disgaea RPG Codes (January 2022)

How to Redeem Disgaea RPG Promo Codes

Redeem Serial Promo Code

  • iGVGSDjSnh
  • 3eTT9NnrKQ
  • Merryxmas
  • thanksdood
  • jahvpfiwut
  • Speedyxdrpg
  • DrpgxOreimova
  • princexdrpg
  • DukxxDRPG
  • DRPGxakatsuki
  • NdukaubaxDRPG
  • DerkerxDRPG
  • MystxDRPG
  • oraxDRPG
  • Rikuthebestxdrpg
  • NagatoxDRPG
  • 2WMfn6iire
  • 57VGZ9TZCS
  • HayzinkxDRPG

Expired Codes

  • Dan3TQCrJ4
  • VNWHwkdqYC
  • P9jUfkUYZ3
  • 9iuMmXAfWc
  • AvZtaDUgXM
  • FqDtaASrZY
  • ZEcqxQaKMZ
  • EZPwT9Xhzg
  • dp9GVSSnXG 
  • j5zysMKvvv
  • tCv5SAAskW 
  • 5uf6dyc6gh
  • nfefnysyy5
  • 5EJsQKgW7K
  • Yn2TndJ67T 
  • W3krwYuV5k
  • F7WtNXK65H 
  • vACU7QaT73
  • XNv2nDstwp
  • DUpJ4KJFc3
  • skfcqWyKif
  • DPqwFy7zsh
  • 5m6wu59c2h
  • 2DwNnGkUX3
  • PFtTWnrT2X
  • H6Th3gmSJU
  • Hwfhj7drky
  • j3i2emGm7i
  • Z6fu4Kkcu9
  • kQhSPVFzAQ
  • VWZ3gXpHAP 
  • wM7ZGmMVhK
  • gAeQxKGmdj
  • tYpxXw7Swr
  • JtYRJrnQgf
  • pgAZ4N26Qx
  • TuAStMiaeZ
  • 96rtqkh7qa
  • 7QGQrMwQaC
  • 73rss7mw9i
  • Rrr9ezgwks
  • wcpvqmgkt3
  • EP7d5ZGrZ2
  • RR5nGuVaFi
  • h3WQ5FT9Kw
  • gYKa4jrEqf
  • nuWJYU26xH
  • e7Ef24eVfC
  • K7uU7d6zkQ
  • KsYyRtAUfe
  • rKXwJ7qRWk
  • Dkskdyexfr
  • ED4mzsd4Z7
  • JVwQ2rXGAD
  • CKWwiEVtX9
  • pE3q2Hrden

How to Redeem Disgaea RPG Codes

Disgaea RPG Codes

Claiming your Disgaea RPG promo codes in this game is very easy. Start by clicking on the Menu button and choosing Other. Then head to Serial Code and then input the working code from the list above. Then, click on the Confirm button. Next, all that is left to be done is to claim the rewards from the Gift box.

This is all you need to know about Disgaea RPG Codes & how to redeem them. For the unversed, Disgaea RPG is available on Mobile (Android and iOS) and is a free-to-play game. It’s a spin-off of the tactical role-playing game series Disgaea but unlike the console games, this one is an active time turn-based RPG.

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