Discord Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Redeem Code Not Working

Know the eligibility criteria for the Discord Nitro Xbox Game Pass collab.

Discord has collaborated with yet another platform to offer new users a free subscription and this time it’s Xbox Game Pass. In this guide, you will find out why the redemption code is not working for you (there are quite a few conditions involved).

Why is Discord Xbox Game Pass Redeem Code Not Working?

These are the reasons why the Discord Nitro x Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offer is not working.

  • This offer is available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users in certain regions. Check out the list here. 
  • Users who try to directly enter the Nitro promo link into the Discord Gift inventory will see an error because this is not the way to redeem or claim this promotion/offer.
  • Users who enter the promo link within Discord chat will also not be able to claim the offer.
  • You need to be a current and active Discord Nitro subscriber (monthly or yearly) for this to work. The code should be claimed in the Gift Inventory by April 26, 2023 (4:59 PM PT). Otherwise, the code will not be available to claim.
  • And if you wish to redeem in Xbox, then this offer will be applicable only to New Xbox Game Pass subscribers.
  • If you are a Nitro Classic subscriber, you’ll need to subscribe to “Nitro” in order to use the redemption code.
  • If you currently are a new Nitro subscriber because you redeemed the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Nitro promotion, unfortunately, you are not eligible for this promotion. This is if you wish to claim through Discord.

how to redeem discord nitro xbox game pass ultimate offer

Those are all the conditions you need to fulfill if Discord Xbox Game Pass Ultimate redeem code is not working for you. With that cleared up, here are all the different ways to get free Discord Nitro codes.