Discord Search Not Working Fix 2024 [SOLVED]

Searching something on Discord and unable to get results? Let's look at some possible fixes.

Searching is a handy feature for any app or service. In Discord, you could be searching something in a channel, server, or maybe even a personal chat whatever the case maybe it is a much-needed feature. Discord search not working is an issue that a lot of users face. So let’s take a look at the possible fixes so that you can search for things again.

How to Fix Discord Search Not Working 2024

discord search not working

To fix your Discord search not working issue, you can try these steps.

  • Check your Internet connection: The most basic thing to do is check if your internet is working. You could do this by loading other websites or by doing a speed test. In the case where your internet is not working, you could try refreshing your connection. For users using a wired connection, you can plug out the Ethernet cable, wait for a minimum of 10 seconds then plug it back in. Users that use wireless connections can try rebooting their routers.
  • Check the status of Discord Servers: If the problem isn’t with your connection then something must be up with Discord. You can check the Discord status page to see things like API, Media Proxy, Push Notifications, and Search. This might give you some insight as to what the issue might be.
  • Check for Updates: You might be having issues because of using older versions of the app. Restarting Discord should automatically update it if you have the Open Discord setting enabled under Windows settings. For Android and iOS, you could check the Play Store or App Store for any updates if haven’t enabled auto-update apps there.
  • Submit a Support Request: If nothing else helps, then it’s time you seek help from Discord. Submit a request to Discord directly and it will help them as well to analyze the situation better. In the “What can we help you with?” dropdown select “Help & Support”. Fill in the needed details, select “Other Technical Issue” from the “Type of question?” dropdown. Enter the remaining details and hit the submit button. Once Discord receives your concern they should be able to process it and revert you a solution.

That concludes the fixes for the Discord search not working. You can also check out our guide on how to add rythm bot to discord, to enjoy some music while you do your searches.