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How To Disband Units In Humankind?

This guide outlines the steps you'll need to disband units in Humankind.

Units in Humankind can be a bit difficult to hold onto at times and the best way to sort this is to disband them. For beginners and those who’ve played the game and are still figuring it out this could be a bit puzzling. Fret not, since the in-game functioning is reliant on progression. This means the user can always make adjustments to the population as and when needed, except on a few occasions. So when can you and when can you not make those adjustments? we’ve answered all your questions! Follow this guide and the steps mentioned below to disband units in Humankind.

How to Disband Units in Humankind?

disband units humankind

Here’s how to disband units in Humankind:

  • Click on a group that has units you don’t want or units that you don’t need.
  • Select their stationed locations on the world map and a window panel will open.
  • This window will display all the units available to disband within the entire selection.
  • You have to select One unit from all the selected units.
  • After you’ve made your selection, click on the “X” hovering above their head.
  • This will prompt a disband and convert those units to population.
  • Congratulations! Your unit is now disbanded successfully.

Your disbanded units will now not need to be accounted for, for their upkeep and will hold out your expenses in Humankind. Also, be sure to keep a few things to keep in mind when disbanding. Ensure your units are well within your territory or allied territory since unsafe zones won’t let you disband units. You will have to wait for your units to return to your territory to disband them in this case. While converting the disbanded units to population, remember that the disband button doesn’t always state the correct population conversions.

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