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How To Disband Units In Age Of Wonders 4

Want to discard old units from your army? Then you're at the right place. Here is how to disband units in Age of Wonders 4.

As you start building your empire in Age of Wonders 4, you will be shown how to buy and build your units. The 4x Strategy game will pit your army against an opponent’s troops. Since you already know how to buy and fight with your unit, what if you want to disband them? Units consume resources like Gold and Mana. So, if you want to save up on these resources, you must discard the units that you deem unfit. Since the game doesn’t have a tutorial explaining how to discard old units, our guide can help you out. Find out how to Disband Units in Age of Wonders 4.

How to Disband or Remove Units in Age of Wonders 4


To disband your units in Age of Wonders 4, you will need to:

  1. First, select an individual unit from your army.
  2. To see the unit in fullscreen, you will need to press the Y button on your Xbox controller, the “triangle” button on PS5, or the right mouse button on PC.
  3. Now, you will be able to see a small red button on the right side of your unit’s stat section.
  4. Pressing this tiny button will disband the unit completely from the game.

You must keep in mind that you won’t get any resources after discarding units. However, after disbanding them, you won’t need to spend Gold and Mana anymore. So, it is a good way to save up on your resources. However, if you want to earn Gold, Imperium, and other resources for free, then check out all Console Commands & Cheat Codes in Age of Wonders 4.

That’s all you need to know about how to Disband Units in Age of Wonders 4. We hope that this guide helped you out. If you are facing Performance issues while playing the game, then check out how to fix the Crashing Issues in Age of Wonders 4.