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PowerWash Simulator: Show Dirt Not Working Fix

Since you are looking for a fix to the Powerwash Simulator error Show Dirt not Working, this guide has you covered.

PowerWash Simulator, as the name mentions is a simulation game where players assume the role of a small power washing business company and take jobs from various clients. While each clientele can be deemed as a level, once crossed they provide money that can be used to upgrade the tools. While the game is certainly simple and entertaining in nature, ruling out the possibility of bugs is not quite possible. As players encounter almost the first bug in patch 1.0 of PowerWash Simulator, they are looking for a way to fix the Show Dirt not Working. Since you are here, you are looking for the same and this guide has all you need.

How to Fix Show Dirt Not Working in PowerWash Simulator


Powerwash Simulator Fix Show Dirt Not Working

The bug was first encountered after patch 1.0 and the Show Dirt button seems to stop working. Thankfully the devs are aware of the issue. While the devs work to fix this Show Dirt issue, here is a list of potential fixes that can provide a temporary solution. Additionally, the solutions have been provided by the devs themselves:

  • You need to keep clicking the dirt highlight button while you are washing and wait until the highlight returns. It shouldn’t take more than 1-15 seconds.
  • While you are in the job, start a new job in any other mode. You do not have to complete it, simply start and then rejoin your old job.
  • Restart the job you are currently doing in Specials or Free play mode and then return back to the job.


While the devs hopefully bring out a fix in one go, you can use the above methods to get a temporary solution. You can also follow the PowerWash Simulator Twitter page to get more updates.

That’s all you need on how to fix Show Dirt not Working in PowerWash Simulator. While you are here, make sure you check out guides, tips, and tricks that will be of interest to you at Gamer Tweak.