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Dirt 5 Will Support 120fps on Xbox Series X

This year is different in terms of video game announcements and although the traditional presentation events were canceled, the industry decided not to give in to anything and as of today a period full of announcements and surprises begins, a summer of video games. Well, information has begun to flow and the first engines are started with Codemasters Dirt 5 and the improvements it will deliver on Xbox Series X.

Through a publication on the official Xbox site, the brand published an interview with David Springate, chief technology officer of Codemasters, where they discussed the improvements Dirt 5 will have on Xbox Series X and the experience they have had with the hardware of the new console.

Initially, Springate revealed that those running Dirt 5 on Xbox Series X will be able to run the title at a rate of 120 frames per second, something Springate points to as possible thanks to the efficient combination of CPU and GPU in the new Microsoft console.

In this regard, the creative noted: “Some people have a misconception that frame times and performance are limited to just how fast your GPU is, but CPU performance is obviously critical too, it would be no good if you had a GPU that can render beautiful visuals at 4K at 120fps if you don’t have a CPU that can generate enough frame data to render that quickly on the GPU. A powerful GPU needs a powerful CPU to back it up and Xbox Series X delivers this.”

On the other hand, Springate highlighted the role of the Xbox Series X Solid State Drive (SSD), which he defined as incredible: “That SSD drive is incredible. It’s not like a PC SSD, it’s more than that. Being able to load data so ridiculously fast is not only really impressive but as a developer, it’s very interesting. For Dirt 5, we’re going to be able to get into races super fast. It means no loading screens getting in the way, no dawdling, no looking at my phone, it means that the action will be non-stop.”

Dirt 5 will release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One in October 2020.