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Dirt 5 Looks To Be More Creative And Crazier Than Anything You’ve Ever Seen

Dirt 5 Looks Ready To Set Ablaze

Dirt 5 got its brand new trailer during the Gamescom 2020 preshow event showing all the customizability that it will bring to the game. Dirt 5 already looks to be flashier and more unavoidable than anything we’ve ever seen before.

What stood out the most was the Vampire bit from the Dirt 5 trailer which showed off a new car, this mysterious car is unknown but the trailer shows that more is coming soon and hopefully we’ll get to see more about Dirt 5 in the coming days.

Dirt series has always pushed the boundaries for off-road racing and with track designing where you can upload your own footages on social media online. Dirt 5 is going to be an extension of all the Dirt games of the past, but this looks like it wants to stand out and apart from the previous games and build a new identity with no restrictions.

This will allow gamers to reflect their own personalities not only in their vehicles but also make track designs, that challenges you on every turn, ever straight line, right from the start.

Dirt 5 is going to be crazier, faster, tougher, and more inclusive than ever before, make sure to check out Gamer Tweak for more coverage about Dirt 5 as it nears release.