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Dino Crisis Fan Made Remake Looks Ready To Bring Jurassic Terror


Dino Crisis had been one of the best game on the original PlayStation and speaking from a personal perspective it never got the recognition it deserved, nor the sequel which a lot of fans had been asking for.

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Well, now fans of the original game took it upon themselves to remake the classic game and bring it to the newer generation of consoles. The new trailer shows a bit of dino action and some of the surroundings but it already looks like it will scare the boots off, everyone.

This game has everything that the modern Jurassic movies lacked and if the people behind this remake stick to the original game, it will make a compelling campaign with tons of fun.

There hasn’t been a good game with dinosaurs and humans battling it out for ages and some recognition for those gone long before us will certainly be welcomed.

As the trailer points out this is still a work in progress but reminds users the more footage will be uploaded soon.

I cannot wait for Dino Crisis to be remade so that we can relive one of the classic game that was a big part of my childhood.

Dino Crisis fan remake is being made by team Arkya’s on Unreal Engine 4

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