Digimon ReArise Tier List: Ranking Of All The Best Characters

Find out all the best characters in our Digimon ReArise Tier List.

Digimon ReArise Tier List can be quite hard to figure out by oneself, considering the sheer amount of characters in the game. The game was released back on June 25, 2018, in Japan, and received its worldwide release between October 7-9, 2019. Still even today this RPG has a massive following all over the world, after all these years. So let’s try to find out which is the best Digimon you can pick in the game.

Digimon ReArise Tier List February 2023

Tier List Digimon ReArise

Here’s our updated Digimon ReArise Tier List, with all the best characters:

Tier List Digimon ReArise Characters
S Tier ChaosDukemon
S Tier Creepymon
S Tier Dukemon
S Tier Gaimon
S Tier GranKuwagamon
S Tier Imperialdramon
S Tier Machinedramon
S Tier Omegamon
S Tier Piedmon
S Tier Rasenmon
S Tier ShineGreymon
S Tier WarGreymon
A Tier Aerobudramon
A Tier AlforceBoudramon
A Tier Alphamon
A Tier Armagemon
A Tier Beelzebumon
A Tier Daemon
A Tier Ebemon
A Tier FrankWagermon
A Tier Gankoomon
A Tier Gunkumon
A Tier HiAndromon
A Tier Hohomon
A Tier KaiserGreymon
A Tier LastTyrannomon
A Tier Magnamon
A Tier MarineAngemon
A Tier MegaGargomon
A Tier Megidramon
A Tier MetalEtemon
A Tier MetalGarurumon
A Tier MetalSeadramon
A Tier Minervamon
A Tier MirageGaogamon
A Tier Mugendramon
A Tier NoblePumpkinmon
A Tier OmegaMonswald
A Tier Phoenixmon
A Tier PrinceMamemon
A Tier Puppetmon
A Tier Rotosmon
A Tier SaberLeomon
A Tier Sakuyamon
A Tier SlayerDrummon
A Tier Srapemon
A Tier Titamon
A Tier Vaimont
A Tier Valkyrimon
A Tier VenomMyotismon
B Tier AeroVeedramon
B Tier Andromon
B Tier BanchoLeomon
B Tier BlackWarGreymon
B Tier BlueMeramon
B Tier Boltmon
B Tier BreakDrummon
B Tier Cherrymon
B Tier Cherubimon
B Tier Cleniummon
B Tier Crowmon
B Tier Datamon
B Tier Dunasmon
B Tier Etemon
B Tier Examon
B Tier Garudamon
B Tier Gigadramon
B Tier Groundramon
B Tier HerakuruKabuterimon
B Tier HighAndromon
B Tier Infermon
B Tier LadyDevimon
B Tier Lilamon
B Tier Lilithmon
B Tier Lillymon
B Tier MachGaogamon
B Tier MagnaAngemon
B Tier Magnagarurumon
B Tier Mamemon
B Tier Megadramon
B Tier MegaKabuterimon
B Tier MegaSeadramon
B Tier MetalGreymon
B Tier MetalSeedRamon
B Tier Nightmon
B Tier Ofanimon
B Tier Piemon
B Tier Plesiomon
B Tier Radielmon
B Tier Raguermont
B Tier Ravemon
B Tier RhodeKnightmon
B Tier Rosemon
B Tier St.Gargomon
B Tier Wingdramon
C Tier Ankylomon
C Tier Barbamon
C Tier Birdramon
C Tier BlackKingNumemon
C Tier Clockmon
C Tier DeathMelamon
C Tier Devimon
C Tier Diaboromon
C Tier Digitamon
C Tier Ebermon
C Tier Holydramon
C Tier MachGaogamon
C Tier MarineAngelmon
C Tier Monzaemon
C Tier Myotismon
C Tier Okuwamon
C Tier PileDrummon
C Tier Pinocchimon
C Tier Piximon
C Tier PlatinumNumemon
C Tier Pumpkinmon
C Tier Rapidmon
C Tier RizeGreymon
C Tier Schakkomon
C Tier Serafimon
C Tier ShogunGekomon
C Tier SkullMeramon
C Tier SuperStarmon
C Tier Taomon
C Tier Vademon
C Tier WalseedRamon
C Tier WargarLemon
C Tier WaruSeadramon
C Tier Wisemon
C Tier Zudomon
D Tier Angemon
D Tier Bakemon
D Tier BlackGatomon
D Tier Chrysalimon
D Tier Coredramon
D Tier Cyclonemon
D Tier Filmon
D Tier Frigimon
D Tier Gargomon
D Tier Garurumon
D Tier Gekomon
D Tier GeoGreymon
D Tier Geremon
D Tier GoldNumemon
D Tier Guardromon
D Tier Pandamon
D Tier Phantomon
D Tier SkullSatamon
D Tier VenomVandemon
D Tier WereGarurumon
E Tier Greymon
E Tier Hagurumon
E Tier Ikkakumon
E Tier Impmon
E Tier Kuwagamon
E Tier Kyubimon
E Tier Meramon
E Tier Nanimon
E Tier Numemon
E Tier Peckmon
E Tier PlatinumSukamon
E Tier Raremon
E Tier Seadramon
E Tier Solarmon
E Tier Sorcermon
E Tier Starmon
E Tier Sukamon
E Tier Sunflowmon
E Tier Sylphimon
E Tier Tankmon
E Tier Veedramon
E Tier Wizardmon
E Tier Woodmon
E Tier Wormmon
F Tier Agumon
F Tier Armadillomon
F Tier Betamon
F Tier Biyomon
F Tier DemiDevimon
F Tier Dracomon
F Tier Elecmon
F Tier Falcomon
F Tier Gabumon
F Tier Gaomon
F Tier Gazimon
F Tier Goblimon
F Tier Gomamon
F Tier Gotsumon
F Tier Herissmon
F Tier Kabuterimon
F Tier Keramon
F Tier Lalamon
F Tier Ogremon
F Tier Otamamon
F Tier Palmon
F Tier Patamon
F Tier Renamon
F Tier Salamon
F Tier Syakomon
F Tier Tentomon
F Tier Terriermon
F Tier Togemon
F Tier Veemon
F Tier Vegiemon

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