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MW2 Recon By Fire Choices (All Dialogue Options)

If you want to know the replies to all dialogue options in COD MW2's Recon By Fire, this is for you.

During the 9th MW2 mission “Recon by Fire”, Captain Price and Gaz are on their way to investigate some warehouses in an island near Spain. During the mission, you will have the options to interact with CIA agent Kate Laswell. So this is your one chance to pick the words or lines, and have a conversation you want with Kate. To help you make your decision in the story campaign, here are all the dialogue options and their responses in “Recon by Fire” mission in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.


Recon By Fire All Dialogue Options & Choices in COD MW2

recon by fire all dialogue options cod mw2

Option 1 – Watcher…?

  • Gaz: Watcher…?
  • Laswell: Go for Watcher…
  • Gaz: Good to be back in the field?
  • Laswell: I’m here because this happened on my watch. I need to know how.
  • Price: We go after known, likely, and suspected targets, Kate. This one’s all three…
  • Gaz: I’d get in a foxhole with you two any day. Let’s get this unfu*ked.
  • Laswell: One of these missiles hits a city…people are gonna die.

Option 2 – Laswell…?

  • Gaz: Laswell…?
  • Laswell: Talk to me, Garrick.
  • Gaz: You done this before?
  • Laswell: Hmm, many times, Sergeant. Since you were in diapers.
  • Price: Well, in fairness, he was probably potty-trained by then, Kate…
  • Gaz: Still am, sir.
    Price: Well, we’ll check your ghillie suit when this is over.
  • Gaz: We’ll check yours too, Captain.
  • Price: You’re on.
  • Laswell: This will all be in my final report, boys.

Option 3 – Kate…?

  • Gaz: Kate…?
  • Laswell: Kyle. What’s up?
  • Gaz: What’s your favorite weapon?
  • Laswell: I don’t have one. Gotta use the right tool for the job.
  • Price: Said like a true warrior, Laswell.

Know where the Word Sniper came From?

Option 1

  • Laswell: Fieldcraft…know where the word sniper came from?
  • Gaz: No. Where?
  • Laswell: From bird hunting. Bird called a Snipe. Highly camouflaged from predators. If you could hit one, you were called a sniper.

Option 2

  • Laswell: Fieldcraft…know where the word sniper came from?
  • Gaz: You, Captain?
  • Price: Little bird with a long bill called a snipe. Blends in perfectly with its surroundings. Hit one and you were designated a sniper.

Option 3

  • Laswell: Fieldcraft…know where the word sniper came from?
  • Gaz: Matter of fact I do. Bird hunting. Little camouflaged bugger called a snipe. If you got one, they called you a sniper.

Laswell: What’s yours, Kyle?

Option 1

  • Laswell: What’s yours, Kyle?
  • Gaz: Sniper Rifle
    • Laswell: Bolt-action or semi auto?
    • Gaz: Bolt-action – more reliable, lighter, fewer moving parts.
    • Laswell: Bolt-action or semi auto?
    • Gaz: Semi-auto – Love me that volume of fire.

Option 2

  • Laswell: What’s yours, Kyle?
  • Gaz: LMG.
  • Laswell: Firepower and high mag capacity. I like your style, Gaz.
  • Gaz: Oh, yeah. Didn’t know you were such an enthusiast, Laswell.
  • Laswell: I’m not a marksman, but I know me some guns, Gaz.

Option 3

  • Laswell: What’s yours, Kyle?
  • Gaz: SMG
  • Laswell: Control and mobility…Offense and defense. I’m down with that.

Option 4

  • Laswell: What’s yours, Kyle?
  • Gaz: ARs
  • Laswell: Close-range, mid-range. Great platform, highly adaptable.

Option 5

  • Laswell: What’s yours, Kyle?
  • Gaz: DMR
  • Laswell: Rapid engagement of multiple mid to long-range targets. Interesting.

Option 6

  • Laswell: What’s yours, Kyle?
  • Gaz: Shotgun.
  • Laswell: The shotty… Stopping power up close and personal. Gotta watch that reload time…

These were the dialogue options and responses/replies in COD Modern Warfare 2’s Recon by Fire mission. For more MW2 tips and tricks, head over to our Wiki guide.