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Diablo Immortal Class Tier List (Best Classes Ranked)

Here are all the best classes in our Diablo Immortal Class Tier List.

The free-to-play Diablo Immortal is set between the events of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. Being similar to these games, the class system is quite similar in this one too. So if you have been playing any of the previous games, you will have an understanding of these classes and even have favorites. But Diablo Immortal mainly being a mobile version in the series, is tied down with lots of limitations when compared to Diablo on PC & consoles. The devs have added new changes in this game to balance these issues. With all this in mind let’s look at the best classes in Diablo Immortal Class Tier List.


Best Classes in Diablo Immortal Class Tier List

Best Classes Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal has a different approach being a mobile game. Every class can do everything, but some classes are better than others in specific types of gameplay elements like taking down boss, beginning good in PVP, farming, etc. What we are trying to say is that none of them are bad in the game. As the game is fairly new, there might be changes to this tier list with new patches just like previous Diablo games. I will try to compress all factors for this tier list, and then tell you why they are ranked so. With that out of the way, here are the best classes in our Diablo Immortal Class Tier List:


Tiers Classes
S+ Tier Demon Hunter Class
S Tier Crusader Class
A+ Tier Barbarian Class
A Tier Wizard Class
B Tier Necromancer Class
C Tier Monk Class

Demon Hunter Class

The best class in the game especially if you play solo most of the time. It is the easiest one to get strong fast and very efficient in getting daily tasks done. With easy-to-put-together builds, you can make your Demon Hunter a boss killing machine. They are really good at clearing lairs, and rifts and completing daily bounties. Also, you can easily clear out Dungeons fairly easy too. I might be missing something here, but the only place I suffered from Demon Hunter builds was in PvP matches.


Crusader Class

Really amazing in PvP just like Demon Hunter, easy to upgrade with solo farming and clearing dungeons. And surprisingly, Crusader was the only class that made me feel like I was playing the Diablo 3. The skills and attacks are all well done by the devs and can be chained in a good manner. Overall really good in both PvE & PvP scenarios. I and see some really cool builds popping up for this class very soon.

Barbarian Class


A toned-down version of Crusader with lots of health, but unlike being the best in other Diablo games during release, Barbarian here is limited in many ways. Nevertheless, you can skill rock great Barbarian builds for PvP and Solo farming. But that’s the best about them. They are not good as some of the other classes in Immortal to bring into raids. But still, Barbarian holds the ground very well in rifts and dungeons.

Wizard Class

A range-focused class but will be a bit hard for newcomers to grasp. Wizard needs to constantly teleport to avoid taking lots of damage and at the same time keep attacking the enemies from a distance. They are really good at inflicting damage, but they are not good at taking them. You need to be very responsive while playing this class. Once you get familiar with powers though, you will realize Wizards can be effective in the right hands.

Necromancer Class

A glass cannon. Deals lots of damage with undead minions, but a small mistake will cost your game. Even though they are a bit to master, they are not bad at anything, just as I said in the starting of this guide. They hold themselves well even during really hard fights. But playing Necro in Immortal was not as satisfying as the Diablo 3 one.

Monk Class

Many players have ranked Monk class higher in their tier lists. But I feel they are not really good in solo farming when compared to builds of other classes. They are not bad, but it felt like taking forever to upgrade my build. I tried various combinations, they did everything Demon Hunter did, but not as strong. But while DH focused on single targets, Monks were really good at giving various AoE damages. Plus Monk was the best support when playing with other players. And to be fair, I find Monk to be better than DH in PvP matches. So as I said, no classes are ‘bad’ in the game right now.

That’s all about the best classes in Diablo Immortal Class Tier List. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Tier Lists & also our Diablo Immortal Guides for more tips & tricks.