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Diablo 4 Trailer by Blizzard Looks Like A Horror Masterpiece

Diablo has been a long-running horror series with one of the most disturbing lore behind it and the trailer for Diablo 4 has just been released by Blizzard. Diablo follows the journey of demons and how they came to power while forces from heaven and earth strive to stop them.

The trailer for Diablo 4 starts creepily and will certainly send shivers down your body as you continue, the trailer shows 4 men going on a journey in search for treasure and ending up in a place no one should.


While the rest of the three are heavy, one of them knows how to read the scriptures and in doing so invites a world of trouble including Lilith’s son.

As the trailer continues you get to see the personalities of all the four humans featured in the trailer and then we see each of them being captured by Rathma who hangs on pillars upside down to bring Lilith to the world.

The moment you see Lilith come back is one of the best in gaming cinematic history in recent time and Blizzard has paid a lot of time and effort to produce some amazing and breathtaking visuals in the trailer.


A harrowing and scary trailer, if the game is as good as the trailer then we will certainly be in for a treat.

But looking at the outrage Blizzard is facing right now because of their affiliation with China it will depend on how the reception of the game will be and if Blizzard can ride out the storm until then.

Though Diablo 4 is early in development it is uncertain when the game will be released and it is stated that it will be released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One which means that it might drop before the release of the next-gen consoles in late 2020.