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How to Get Dex Sybaris for free in Warframe?

Here’s how you can get the Dex Sybaris for free in Warframe.

After its release in 2013, Warframe didn’t open up to great reviews with too many glitches and some players even calling it unplayable. Some years and updates later Warframe has built its own unique fanbase. Warframe is all about skins, stealth, and weapons, and with every anniversary event making some of these more accessible for players. The 8th Anniversary event of Warframe is here and every week there are new weapons and skins to grab. Let’s see how you can get your hands on the Dex Sybaris in Warframe for free.

How to Get Dex Sybaris for free?


The Dex Sybaris rifle is a rare gun, players can get it only through the yearly events. Revealed in the 3rd yearly event even though the gun is old not many would have it. You can get the Dex Sybaris this year as well, players have to go to the Navigation menu. In the Navigation Menu, you will see the 8th-anniversary event symbol, click on it and you will see the “Gifts of the Lotus – stolen” section.

Unlock Dex Sybaris in Warframe.

Under that, in one of the missions, you will see the Dex Sybaris as a reward. Complete the mission to obtain the Dex Sybaris for free. Usually, players get event rewards just for logging in but this time you will have to complete this mission. This might be different but not difficult as it is a level 10-15 task and can be completed very easily.


The Dex Sybaris is a burst-fire rifle that reloads really fast and dishes high damage, making it a must-have in your weaponry. Do remember that the rifle is only available till the 26th of April as the Event has new rewards every week. Also, players who already have the Dex Sybaris should also go for the event as you also get an extra weapons slot.

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