Devil May Cry 5 Secret Missions – All 12 Missions Locations & Rewards Guide

How To Start And Complete Secret Missions

Devil May Cry 5 has twelve hidden secret missions, in this Secret Missions guide you will find locations of all 12 missions, in Main story along with how to find glowing spots to reveal the glyph location and rewards list.

All 12 Secret Missions Locations, How To Play & Rewards

  1. Secret Mission 1 – Found in Mission 2
  2. Secret Mission 2 – Found in Mission 3
  3. Secret Mission 3 – Found in Mission 4
  4. Secret Mission 4 – Found in Mission 5
  5. Secret Mission 5 – Found in Mission 8
  6. Secret Mission 6 – Found in Mission 9
  7. Secret Mission 7 – Found in Mission 10
  8. Secret Mission 8 – Found in Mission 11
  9. Secret Mission 9 – Found in Mission 12
  10. Secret Mission 10 – Found in Mission 14
  11. Secret Mission 11 – Found in Mission 15
  12. Secret Mission 12 – Found in Mission 16

The Above is the list of secret mission and where you can find them. Now let’s begin to find how to find Secret Missions, how to complete secret mission and what rewards you will earn after completing them.

1. Secret Mission 1: Kill All Demons

  • Story Mission: Mission 2 – Qliphoth
  • Location: Hotel

How To Complete Secret Mission 1 Guide:


At the start of Mission 2, in the beginning you will fight with Empusas, later you will enter Chiaro Mondo Hotel. Playing through after fighting Hell Cainas, you will reach an upper floor with a huge tentacle blocking your way. Destroy it using Nidhogg Hatchling, and enter the room on your right, a cutscene will show will reveal the glyph. Stand on glowing point to start it.


Secret Mission 1 Objective & Reward:

  • Eliminate All Demons before time runs out
  • Reward: Blue Org Fragment – Gather 4 Pieces To Increase Maximum Vitality

2. Secret Mission 2: Red Empusa

  • Story Mission: Mission 3 – Flying Hunter
  • Location: Sewer Tunnel

How To Complete Secret Mission 2 Guide:



Once you are done almost half of Mission 3, you will come across Sewer Tunnel, after collecting Gold Orb. You will find a staircase short after walking ahead, go down and look for a huge tentacle near the opening of a small sewer gate. Jump to other side, cross another gate with down arrow sign on it. Jump down to the bottom, in the room with stairs around. On the left of stairs there is an entry just walk through it and look up towards the ceiling to activate the glyph. Use Devil Breaker in this mission to defeat enemies fast.

Secret Mission 2 Objective & Reward:

  • Don’t let any Red Empusa Escape
  • Reward: Blue Org Fragment – Gather 4 Pieces To Increase Maximum Vitality

3. Secret Mission 3: Summon Nightmare

  • Story Mission: Mission 4 – V
  • Location: Street

How To Complete Secret Mission 3 Guide:


This mission is tricky, you will need Two Nidhogg Hatchling to reach the secret mission.

Blur Orb 1: During Mission 4 you will visit a warehouse, after crossing the bridge. To enter don’t forget to collect Nidhogg Hatchling from outside, on the left of huge building. Look for a crashed trailer. Enter the building and go all the way down. Exit through the back door and you will see a big graffiti painting on build wall. Summon nightmare to break the wall to make a way inside, you will see the reward on top floor. This is the first blue orb there is one more.

Blur Orb 2: Before you return to streets you will need to collect second Nidhogg Hatchling to move ahead. Take the stairs down from the build you just collect the orb, turn around to see it in end, go the back alley and follow the garbage. You will find second hatchling. Return to the streets, and take the path on left. Follow the streets and use the hatchling to break the tentacle blocking your path. Collect the orb and use the second hatchling on your left.

Blur Orb 3: Unlock the path on the left, go up and through the broken wall you will see the glyph symbol, this will teleport you into a different location with all orbs, there are no enemies to stop you. Gather all the orbs to get the third orb.

Secret Mission 3 Objective & Reward:

  • Collect All Red Orbs
  • Reward: Blue Org Fragment – Gather 4 Pieces To Increase Maximum Vitality

4. Secret Mission 4: Buy Skill Promotion

  • Story Mission: Mission 5 – The Devil Sword Sparda
  • Location: Factory

How To Complete Secret Mission 4 Guide:


The mission simple, while playing you will come across steel containers, near huge chains. Summon nightmare to break obstacles, a little ahead few demons will block your path. Defeat them to clear the blockage above, take the stairs on right and go up. You will spot the glyph, this will trigger the mission. In this mission you have to kill all the demons without taking a hit, so Promotion skill will help you to mount nightmare. In this way you can stay on the top and eliminate demons easily.

Secret Mission 4 Objective & Reward:

  • Eliminate all Demons without taking hit.
  • Reward: Blue Org Fragment – Gather 4 Pieces To Increase Maximum Vitality

5. Secret Mission 5:

  • Story Mission: Mission 8 – Demon King

How To Complete Secret Mission 5 Guide:


In this mission you enter into a weird location, with veins and demons. Keep progressing till you see upward flowing lava, it will act as a life to take you up. Climb from left on one of the platform to go up, keep looking right for a platform to jump. Don’t go all the way to up. Look for floating objects, hook and grapple to reach the hidden region. Stand on glowing spot to view the glyph. The mission is to complete the objective without touching the ground, use hook and grapple to keep moving forward and use Double-Jump skill to adjust your shooting target. Your reward is on the left of lava life.

Secret Mission 5 Objective & Reward:

  • Get to the goal without touching the ground
  • Reward: Blue Org Fragment – Gather 4 Pieces To Increase Maximum Vitality

6. Secret Mission 6:

  • Story Mission: Mission 9 – Genesis
  • Location: Factory

How To Complete Secret Mission 6 Guide:


Another simple secret mission, after defeating the Behemoth keep progressing till you see columns into the mountains, a partial roof supported by columns. You cannot progress ahead without killing the demons here. There are two paths, one on the right that continues with the main mission and a smaller on the left that lead to Secret Mission. It is locked with tentacles, summons Nightmare to open it. Collect the blue orb, and climb up from the right. Look towards the entrance and you will spot the glyph. Use nightmare to clear up things fast.

Secret Mission 6 Objective & Reward:

  • Eliminate all Demons in 20 seconds of less.
  • Reward: Blue Org Fragment – Gather 4 Pieces To Increase Maximum Vitality

7. Secret Mission 7:

  • Story Mission: Mission 10 – Awaken
  • Location: Near Mantis Demon

How To Complete Secret Mission 7 Guide:


Once you spot Mantis Demon, you will see three passage, two small doors on left right and one big in the center that is locked. It will unlock only after you kill the Mantis Demon. Take the door on right for Secret mission 7. Go all the way inside and stand on the glowing spot. Look towards the roof to view the glyph. You have to defeat enemy with scissors, use Balrog to break the scissors. One the weak point is glows red shoot with Ebony and Ivory.

Secret Mission 7 Objective & Reward:

  • Take down the enemy with single bullet
  • Reward: Blue Org Fragment – Gather 4 Pieces To Increase Maximum Vitality

8. Secret Mission 8:

  • Story Mission: Mission 11 – Reason
  • Location: Light-Puzzle

How To Complete Secret Mission 8 Guide:


For this mission you have to reach the light-puzzle section. Once you reach you will see tendrils and falling tower. Now visit the exact location in the image above, there is a broken wall on left and a tower on the right. There is also a fallen chair, climb through that and jump to the other side. Jump into the broken checkboard floor, destroy two blood sacs on left. The tower will sink one floor below, return back to the same point from where you enter and you will spot the glyph. To complete you have to maintain the S Rank, so avoid taking any damage.

Secret Mission 8 Objective & Reward:

  • Maintain a S Stylish Rank
  • Reward: Blue Org Fragment – Gather 4 Pieces To Increase Maximum Vitality

9. Secret Mission 9:

  • Story Mission: Mission 12 – Yamato
  • Location: Big Statue with Sword

How To Complete Secret Mission 9 Guide:


The mission is simple you have to stay in the air for 15 seconds. To start the mission stand near the huge statue with a sword, it will point downwards there is a passage below. Go below and pass the tune, climb up and turn around, as soon as the big stairs are over. Don’t go further, just turn around and jump to the other side, you will spot the glyph that will trigger the secret mission. Use Cavaliere in the air continuously to stay above ground.

Secret Mission 9 Objective & Reward:

  • Stay in the air for more than 15 seconds
  • Reward: Blue Org Fragment – Gather 4 Pieces To Increase Maximum Vitality

10. Secret Mission 10:

  • Story Mission: Mission 14 – Diverging Point: V

How To Complete Secret Mission 10 Guide:

devil may cry 5 secret mission 10 location

In Mission 14 you will be playing as V, you will have to face three bosses. Once you are done with them keep moving till you cross the final gate and progress from a dark cave towards one with tentacles. In this region by destroying blood sac you will be able to destroy tentacles. One of them is big, follow the roots to the left and destroy the sac, go further left to stand on glowing spot to reveal the glyph. To complete the mission summons Nightmare and mount him, this need Promotional skill.

Secret Mission 10 Objective & Reward:

  • Get to the Goal without touching the ground
  • Reward: Blue Org Fragment – Gather 4 Pieces To Increase Maximum Vitality

11. Secret Mission 11:

  • Story Mission: Mission 15 – Diverging Point: Nero

How To Complete Secret Mission 11 Guide:



It is tricky to locate this secret mission in Mission 15, you will be in weird looking caves with spikes. In one spot you will find a glowing statue, this is your landmark. There is a way on its left, once you are near in a cutscene it will show you the red orbs and a blue one on the top of rocks. To start the mission, jump down and go right. There are massive holes in the ground, and the path automatically turns to right. Keep moving, and take another right turn, climb over until you see a dead end and take one more right. Follow the red orbs, climb up and you will reach an area with pointed rocks. The glowing spot will be somewhere between them on the right side. The objective is straight forward, keep on climbing on the platform to collect the orb.

Secret Mission 11 Objective & Reward:

  • Head straight to the goal
  • Reward: Blue Org Fragment – Gather 4 Pieces To Increase Maximum Vitality

11. Secret Mission 12:

  • Story Mission: Mission 16 – Diverging Point: Dante
  • How To Complete Secret Mission 12 Guide:


The final secret mission is easy but hard to locate. From the beginning you will jump into a cave and keep jumping to reach the end. After facing the flying demon a new path unlocks, to continue story you have to jump to the other side, for secret mission jump down. You will face more demons below, fight them unlock new path and jump further down. Look for blood sac on a platform, turn around and you will see bigger one on the other side. There is a pass behind the sac, jump down look for another small one below, that’s the platform where you will find the glowing spot. Complete the objective to get the final orb.

Secret Mission 12 Objective & Reward:

  • Collect Red Orbs.
  • Reward: Blue Org Fragment – Gather 4 Pieces To Increase Maximum Vitality

Hopefully you will be able to complete the mission and gather enough rewards. Thanks for reading.

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