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Devil May Cry 5 Review: Dante Adds DMC Mayhem To March Madness

This party's gettin' crazy! Let's rock! - Dante

Devil May Cry 5 is as exactly what you think it is going to be like, with a ton of hack and slash and a beautifully woven story which lays down the building blocks as it progresses. Devil May Cry 5 will seem over the top for anyone who is playing it for the first time but as you keep playing the game grows on you.

You will soon see the poetry in motion as you take your favorite characters in Dante, Nero, and V, to decimate bugs and demons that crawl about the city, the game pushes you to create combos and hit your enemies with as many different attacks as much in your arsenal. Rating each and every fight going with ‘D’ for Dismal to SSS for ‘Smokin’ Sexy Style!’.


dmc 5 review

The game certainly seems over the top, but this is where it excels as well, it is all those things and so much more. The more you play Devil May Cry 5, the more you keep thinking about it and going back to finish the storyline.

There is a sense of freedom in the kind of moves that you can create, with blood splattering everywhere and demons being slashed it feels like a fantasy fiction movie. The game redeems itself in many ways in these moments of pure gory action with a panache for over the top dialogue delivery, superhero stances and brooding looks.


Every playable has a fixed personality in place which dictates most of their fighting style. Dante is over the top and experienced, so most of his tricks are perfectly calculated and well polished, whereas Nero is new and fresh so his tricks are mostly experimental and ridiculous in nature. While V, the newest character is contrastingly limited in his movement when compared to the other two and so dictates most of his demeanor and style.

dmc 5 review

The supporting characters in the game make up the most when the storyline needs to progress lending a helping hand and being the other person in a two-way conversation.


Music is one of the best things about this game, a dose of heavy metal blasting at all times keeps you going on and slashing everything in sight for hours on end, and over the top dialogues keep you interested in the game.

The bosses are created in such a way that it creates a further curiosity about the game and before you know it, you’ll be more than a dozen hours into the game. The game feels like a stylized biblical chapter come to life.

dmc 5 review

A ballad of demon killing and over-stylized weapon wielding action soon becomes the new normal and you will soon understand both lead characters and the wide difference in their personalities. The confidence that the character posses quickly transfers to you and you will find yourself in the boots of a demon killer, stylin’ and wildin’ it out in the bug-infested demonic world that you must save.


Devil May Cry 5 Review

The fifth installment of Devil May Cry brings back the old game with a current console power embedded gameplay and highly effective stylized action

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