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How To Play Devil May Cry 5 Rayman Mod

There is a new Devil May Cry 5 mod available for the PC version.

There hasn’t been much added to the Rayman game series in the recent years, but now the fans of the game and the character can enjoy playing as Rayman. All thanks to a modder, there is a new Rayman Mod available for Devil May Cry 5 PC version. In this Devil May Cry Rayman Mods guide, we will walk you through how can play as Rayman in Devil May Cry 5.


Devil May Cry 5 Mod: How To Play As Rayman

You can download the new Rayman mod for Devil May Cry 5 from the Nexus website. All you need to do is head there and download the file along with the MOD manager. Next, you need to install the mod and restart the game to play as Rayman in Devil May Cry 5.

The file is 9.5 MB in size. The mod is a simple character switch mod. This means that you can play as Rayman, but this will not affect the gameplay by any means. The only change will be that you will be playing as the cute Rayman instead of the other characters in Devil May Cry 5.

That’s all I have to offer now on how to play Devil May Cry 5 Rayman Mode. If you are a fan of Devil May Cry 5, our guides section might amaze you. We keep on posting several guides on Devil May Cry 5 that can help you get along in the game.