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Nintendo Switch Version of Devil May Cry 3 Will Have Something New

Style Change System

Devil May Cry 3 on Nintendo Switch will bring something extra compared to its previous edition as teased by Capcom recently. This something extra is not revealed yet will be released in the game through an update as per the news source. The Switch edition is getting an extra treat with some new editions one of which as revealed on the official website is Style Change option.

Story of in the game takes place before the events of the first game, In Switch edition of Devil May Cry 3, there is a new feature called Combat Styles. Players can select between fighting styles like Swordmasters and Gunslinger instantly, allowing them to pick different weapon and fighting style which was not possible before. Players can instantly move from Swords based attack to using weapons like Guns through this new Style Change feature along with the option to create custom playstyle.


  • Swordmaster: Specialized in advanced melee attacks
  • Gunslinger: Attack from a distance with powerful guns

Another treat for Nintendo Switch users is the Devil May Cry special edition will unlock Vergil, Dante’s brother as a playable character in the game.  Devil May Cry 3 Digital Edition is officially for Nintendo Switch on February 20, 2020.

Source: GameSpot