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Deus Ex: Human Revolution DC Gold Filter Patch Coming Soon

A patch with midas touch

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut was released in the year 2011, an action role-playing by Eidos Montreal. Featuring awesome graphics and storyline the game brings out a distinctive feature where you can turn everything into gold.

The Gold Filter feature enhances the graphic intensifying the yellow and black color scheme, which definitely improves the game’s look. Deus Ex: Human Revolution featured the options to turn on the Gold Filter, but when Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut was released, it was dropped. Ported on Wii, PC, and console Director’s Cut was missing a major overhaul that solemnly improved the overall looked of the game.

To bring back the feature Silent’s Blog shared details on restoring the gold filter in the game. There is a detailed overview of all major changes and how the gold filter really makes the game look better. You can download and test out the patch from the source link.

It is an unofficial patch to bring back an appealing feature, the blog shares screenshot where it reveals the way graphic looks on turning on the gold filter. It adds more power to the graphic giving Deus Ex: Human Revolution a dramatic graphic update. Refer to the source link for the patch download and also check the screenshot comparison to know how the gold filter works.

Source: Silents Blog