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How to Complete Arcadian Chord Wanted bounty In Destiny 2

You can unlock some powerful gears

Arcadian Chord Wanted bounty in Destiny 2 will take you to the Lost Sectors. A powerful boss is waiting to challenge your skills. You can get this Wanted Bounty from Spider and travel to the Lost Sector for unlocking strong rewards or legendary shards. Only after defeating the boss, here are some tips to help you to complete the bounty.

Arcadian Chord Wanted bounty Walkthrough

Visit Spider and buy The Wanted: Arcadian Chord bounty for 5 Ghost Fragments. To hunt down the wanted Arcadian Chord that escapes from the Prison of Elders goes to Nessus. Recommended power to play this bounty is 540 and reward is an encrypted engram.

Go to Nessus and meet the NPC to begin the quest. You will have to first track down the Arcadian Chord and then follow his location. Use the Watcher’s Grave Fast Travel point to reach the location. Use the sparrow to reach the Tangle, you will have to locate the banner.

Once you are on the spot activate the banner to start the mission. Before you begin check your load-outs and then its time to fight. Enter the lobby of the Lost Sector to face the Arcadian Chord. Here are some tips to defeat the boss.

  • Arcadia Chord will summon the shield to cancel your damage.
  • Destroy the blue Vex Blocks to destroy the shield of the boss.
  • Vex units will spawn, take the minions first.

Every time the boss summons a shield look for the blue blocks. It is worthless to attack, instead, destroy the blocks and guard yourself against his attacks. Also, the boss will summon Vex units, face them to avoid any unnecessary damage. Finally, after you destroy three blocks you can take down the Arcadian Chord.

Finally, then the boss is defeated Wanted Arcadian Chord bounty challenge is complete. Claim your reward to unlock a powerful gear in Destiny 2. Also if you want to know how to unlock an amazing sword which was known as Dark Drinker in Destiny 1 then click the link.