Destiny 2 Red Hot Iron Walkthrough – How to Win?

Destiny 2 Red Hot Iron Quest guide, tips to complete the quest and unlock cool new weapons from Lord Saladin.

Lord Saladin is back in Destiny 2 with a brand new Iron Banner Quest, the Red Hot Iron. It may sound tough but there is a way to complete this fast. You need 25 kills from a side arm and 25 kills from a automobile to complete the Destiny 2 Red Hot Iron Quest. If you are finding it difficult then we are here to help.

Red Hot Iron Walkthrough

Before we dive into the process of completing the quest lets check the requirements first. Based on the quest description you will have to defeat opponents using Side Arms and Auto- Rifles only. Precision kills will grant the most efficient progress.

Modify your load-out with the required weapons and enter to play the quest. So pick one sidearm and an auto-rifle, the requirement may sound tough but it is extremely easy to complete. You will have to be ready to use your class abilities to hear. Side Arm might not be the best weapon in the battle zone, but when you are using it try to be slow.

Focus on high damage pistols and for auto-rifles, there are many options. Like Gnawing Hunger, Galliard-42, etc. There is no specific trick that a particular weapon is going to do miracles in the quest, it mostly relies on your skills and the way you attack. Precision kills with sidearm is not easy, it is best to pull out when there are lower numbers of players left in the battle.

Destiny 2 Red Hot Iron quest will unlock some really cool rewards from Lord Saladin. Complete it and return back to him to grab the following prizes.

Red Hot Iron Rewards:

  1. The Forward Path
  2. The Fool’s Remedy
  3. Iron Vendetta +5

Playing Destiny 2 Red Hot Iron Quest is a worth trying mission in the game. Because of the rewards it carries and it is simple to complete because there are no major things to do. You need a total of 50 kills 25 with a pistol and 25 with a rifle. There is nothing else.