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Destiny 2 Patch Available Now for Download

The online shooter Destiny 2 has received a new patch, with which Bungie has once again eliminated some problems. The patch notes have already been made available.


After Bungie released the latest expansion of Beyond Light for the online shooter Destiny 2 a few days ago, the players reported various problems. Because of this, Bungie had already delayed the Trials of Osiris for two weeks. However, a new patch for Destiny 2 has also been released that raises the shooter to version

Accordingly, the developers have already fixed some bugs that impaired the gaming experience. However, Bungie has also adapted the legendary hand cannon so that this weapon can finally be used. A few days ago they had been removed from the game.


Service Stability

Resolved an issue where Destiny 2 could crash when players interacted with the Vault in the Tower on Xbox consoles.
Implementing backend changes to improve Destiny 2 service stability.



  • Adjusted Rose’s fire rate from 150 RPM to its intended 140 RPM.
    Players may once again equip this legendary hand cannon.
  • Heir Apparent has been removed from the Monument to Lost Lights – Exotic Archive.
  • Resolved an issue where Collectors Edition emblems were not being granted or appearing in collections properly.