Means To An End Bug In Destiny 2: How To Fix It?

By Nikita
3 Min Read

In Destiny 2’s Season of Arrivals, you will come across a Means to an End quest which is a weekly challenge. But it looks like the Season of Arrivals has also brought a few bugs along with it. Many players are experiencing a bug which is causing trouble in their progression. In this guide, we will see the possible fix for the Means to an End Bug in Destiny 2.

Means to an End Bug – Cannot Start Interference Quest

When players complete the Means to an End quest, they encounter a frustrating roadblock. Even though the mission has been completed, it is not registering as such which is making it difficult for players to move ahead to the Interference quest. They are informed through a message that in order to begin Interference, they must first complete Means to an End.

As for the solution – there isn’t one right now. Some players have talked to Drifter, waited at the Tower and some have restarted the game after seeing this bug. It has solved the problem for them but this isn’t a foolproof solution and might not work for everyone. But we feel that they are worth a try since we don’t have any other option.

At the time of writing, Bungie has not mentioned the Means to an End bug on their twitter account so all we can do is wait for an official response from them. They have been responding to other bugs on their account, so we can assume that they are trying to investigate things before posting.

Let’s hope that Bungie fixes this issue soon so that players who can’t start Interference even after completing Means to an End will finally be able to do it.

When Bungie posts an official fix, we will update this article. For now, it’s best to wait it out. While you are waiting, be sure to check out our Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals guides for any help you might need to excel in the game.