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Bungie Disables Gun That Led Destiny 2 Players To Get Super Charged At Will


People have found countless ways to exploit video game mechanics and Destiny 2 was the latest victim, this incident involves the Telesto gun which is an Exotic tier weapon and is quite powerful, add to the fact that this already OP weapon was giving an instant Super Charge to weapon made it unfair, so Bungie decided to disable the gun until a fix can be found.

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Players found a way that involves shooting the rounds of the gun and then blowing them up with a grenade gave them an instant Super Charge, which usually takes a lot of time and this certainly meant a lot of players would get an undue advantage.

You can check out this tweet this shows the weapon glitch

Bungie addressed this situation on Saturday and have disabled the weapon in question until further notice. But the fix hasn’t come out yet so we’re unsure at this point when the fix might come.

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Though it did give players an advantage, without exploiting the weapon it works very well if you play with a good strategy in mind. Players have been voicing their opinions about this situation and want the Telesta back as soon as possible.

Destiny 2 is developed by Bungie and is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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